‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ finally sees home video shoot

fans of resident Evil (the video game series, not the live action series they are very loosely based on said games) might be aware Resident Evil: Island of Death It will be released very soon in theaters. In fact, Japanese audiences will see this CGI horror anime movie in July 7, 2023. So what about those of us outside of Japan, or not interested in movie theaters? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has us covered there. You do not believe me? So why don’t you check out the official anime film trailer below and revel in the resident Evil goodness?

Resident Evil: Island of Death ~ Home video details

Is it just me, or does Chris’s beard keep getting scruffier and scruffier?

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is proud to announce that it will release Resident Evil: Island of Death by director Eiichiro Hasumi for home video via that official trailer on YouTube above. This CGI action-horror anime film will be released on DVD, Digital, Blu-ray, and 4K Steelbook. All releases will come with a diverse selection of additional features for those die-hard resident Evil fans out there. You can check out a full list of those additional features below:

  • genesis of Isle of the Dead
  • Jill Valentine: The Return
  • Motion Capture Set Tour
  • Design Isle of the Dead
  • Voice Isle of the Dead
  • The birth of Isle of the Dead
  • design gallery

Resident Evil: Island of Death you’ll get that home video release on July 25, 2023. That’s 2 and a half weeks after its theatrical debut, which is pretty quick, mind you. Unfortunately, there’s no information on where you can pre-order this anime film, so you’ll likely have to wait for that date to get it. Tune back into THS later for pre-order opportunities if we hear about them.

Bonus: Synopsis

Resident Evil: Death Island 3D Steelbook cover.
They definitely saved the prettier key image for the shiny version.

That’s not all, friends. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment also has an official synopsis for Resident Evil: Island of Death as a preview for us today. You can check it below:

In San Francisco, Jill Valentine is dealing with a zombie outbreak and a new T-Virus, Leon Kennedy is on the trail of a kidnapped DARPA scientist, and Claire Redfield is investigating a monster fish that is killing whales in the bay. Along with Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, discovering the trail of clues from their separate cases, they all converge on the same place, Alcatraz Island, where a new evil has taken up residence and awaits their arrival.