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Season 1 of the HBO comedy horror series mainly in Spanish the spookys wowed audiences with its unique mix of bizarre humor and horror iconography. The series garnered praise from critics and audiences despite being made up of only 6 half-hour episodes. When the series was greenlit for season 2 shortly after the end of season 1, many fans rejoiced. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic caused production disruptions and stalls that led to an extended production period of nearly three years for Season 2. Thankfully, the wait is almost over for our group of horror-themed entrepreneurs. HBO’s favorite weird friends return this September for another season. Here’s everything we know about season 2 of the spookys premiere on September 16, 2022.


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Watch The Spookys Season 2 Trailer

A sneak peek of season 2 of the spookys was released in late July 2022. In it, we launch through some classic Espooky hijinx, including frontman Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco) digging up the corpse of a former beauty pageant queen, shimmery space jeans, weird dance moves, and more from the ridiculous cast. The teaser promises that season 2 will be “more fantastical, more mysterious, more creepy than before.” From the looks of it, it looks like they’re on the right track.

About a month after the release of the fantastic but brief trailer, fans have been waiting for another glimpse of what could be in store for Season 2. Thankfully, HBO delivered in late August and released the official trailer for Season 2. The trailer begins with Renaldo and everyone’s favorite blue-haired weirdo best friend, Andrés (Julius Torres) at a grocery store. Here Renaldo sees the ghost of the beauty contest in the teaser, while Andrés roasts him for buying his underwear at the supermarket. In another clip, Ursula (Cassandra Ciangherotti) finds herself involved in a political campaign with an acquaintance with some questionable campaign strategies. Her main strategy is to provide everyone who votes for her with a free personal size pizza. Renaldo extends an invitation to Tío Tico (Fred Armisen) to join The Espookys, which would be an interesting change in character dynamic. Daddy’s characterAna Fabrega) is still suffocatingly awkward and hilarious. In one scene she is preparing gazpacho, her husband’s favorite food. Her culinary twist on the plate is intriguing, to say the least, as her version consists solely of tomato sauce.

The energy of the trailer should strike a tone familiar to fans of the show. The energy is embarrassing and tacky in the best possible way, with ’80s-inspired synth music pulsing in the background. The trailer highlights the absurd and endearing combination that had fans tuning into Season 1. Its unique take on lampooning the conventions of the horror genre is similar in approach to Taika Waititi‘s What we do in the shadowsand approaches the strange world and characters with a tone that is equal parts affable and quirky.

When does season 2 of The Spookys premiere?

Season 2 of the spookys premieres on HBO Max on September 16, 2022.

Who are the confirmed/chosen characters for season 2 of The Espookys?

Much to the delight of fans, much of the main cast remains the same from Season 1. We can expect all of the main cast that appeared in Season 1 to return, including Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, Fred Armisen, Cassandra Ciangherotti, and Bernardo Velasco. as the main member of Los Espookys. Joseph Paul Minor He will also reprise his role as Juan Carlos.

Outside of the return of much of the Season 1 cast, there has been a lot of anticipation for some of the guest stars that have been announced or rumored to be appearing on the show. Although more guest stars may be revealed when the series premieres, there are already several notable figures joining the show. Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio He will make an appearance, though the details of his role have been a mystery. Aparicio is known for her performance in 2019 Rome, which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. German pop singer kim petras is seen in the trailer and will guest star this season as a government official. acclaimed actress Isabel Rossellini she will also join and star as herself. Don’t be surprised if other familiar faces show up in season 2, as it’s a trademark of the series to include familiar guest stars in unconventional roles.

What is the background behind Los Espookys?

the spookys comes from the creative minds of Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega and Julio Torres. The trio stars alongside Bernardo Velasco and Cassandra Ciangherotti.

Armisen may be best known as the co-creator and co-star of the IFC sketch comedy series. Portland. He also co-created and starred in the mockumentary series IFC. Documentary Now!and was a cast member of saturday night live. Ana Fabrega started her career doing stand-up at open microphones. She worked as an actress in At home with Amy Sedaris and as a writer The Chris Gethard Showbefore working on Portland with Armisen. Torres also worked as a writer on The Chris Gethard Show Y saturday night live, where he would meet Armisen. It was Armisen who brought the three together after presenting the initial idea for Les Spookys to HBO.

The mostly Spanish-language comedy follows four friends, Renaldo (Velasco), Andrés (Torres), Tati (Fábrega) and his sister Úrsula (Ciangherotti), as they launch a business that puts on horror-themed events, mostly elaborate hoaxes, for a wide variety of paying customers. the spookys premiered on June 14, 2019 on HBO. In July 2019, the series was renewed for a second season.

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What is the plot of season 2 of The Spookys?

Below is the synopsis from HBO provided along with the official trailer for season 2 of the spookys:

The second season finds our charismatic leader of Los Espookys and gore enthusiast, Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco), haunted by the ghost of a beauty pageant queen, while Úrsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), recruits an old acquaintance to challenge the political status quo. Úrsula’s well-meaning sister Tati (Ana Fabrega) is adjusting to life as a newlywed while balancing a new job, and Renaldo’s ominous best friend Andrés (Julio Torres) tries to find his place in the world. after appeasing his inner demons (literally). Meanwhile, Uncle Tico (Fred Armisen) is looking for a new purpose after his career as a valet goes off the rails.

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