Reinvent yourself (or disappear): how to change your name on Facebook

Facebook has long required people to use their real names; people are even penalized(Opens in a new window) for using real names that sounded fake to the social network algorithm. But if you change your name, use a nickname, or just want to try to game the Facebook system, you can change the name displayed on your profile in just a few clicks (although there are some restrictions).(Opens in a new window)).

change your name

edit facebook name

Click on your profile picture, then open Settings and privacy > Settings. Select your name in the sidebar, then click the Edit link next to your current name.

Mobile users can tap on their profile icon in the app and then select the gear icon. Open Personal Information, then choose Name to get to the same place.

change profile name

You can then change your first, middle, or last name in the appropriate field. Select the Review Change button and enter your Facebook password to make it final. Facebook will warn you that your name can only be changed once in a 60-day period, so make sure it’s okay.

This change will also sync with Instagram property Meta, if you have it turned on in Settings, so you don’t need to worry about changing it there as well. If you need to activate that, choose the Manage sync settings link above the name fields.

On the web, you can enable Synchronize profile information on the next page. Mobile users should touch Profiles, then choose the correct profile. Tap on your Instagram profile, then enable Synchronize profile information.

Add alternative names

add alternate name

You can also add additional names to your profile, such as nicknames, married names, maiden names, legal names, or any other nickname someone might use to find you on the platform.

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To add an alternate name, open your profile, then click the On tab and choose the details about you option. On mobile, go to your profile and tap Edit profile. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit your information about. Select Add a nickname (add another name on mobile) and select the type of name you want to add from the dropdown menu. Write the name and press Save money.

add nickname

Alternate names are automatically public and will help others find you on Facebook. If you want the new name to be part of your display name, enable the Show at the top of the profile option.

To make sure everything is as it should be, you’ll want to see your profile from the eyes of your friends. You can do this from your profile by selecting the three-dot menu below the Edit Profile button. Choose the seen as option to see what information is public and make sure your new name is visible to everyone.

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