Reasons to choose NFT game development over traditional video games | by Thomsonrichard | August 2022

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The rapid growth of blockchain technology and the profit margin of NFT-based platforms is very compelling. NFTs have opened many portals in the business and commercial sectors. This attracts many people to learn about it and to get involved in the field. Non-fungible tokens have created an important space for artists and creators to own their work without the worry of losing their authority over it. These are tokenized digital assets that help gain ownership of physical assets or assets like music, artwork, video clips, jewelry, etc., which are digital data.

NFT game development is one among many other platform developments based on blockchain technology. The industry that has benefited most from the presence of NFTs is the art industry. Now, it is the gaming industry’s turn to benefit from these non-fungible tokens. The gaming industry has never stopped being profitable. Now the gaming industry and NFTs can shine and grow together simultaneously. Many are involved in platform game development because of high return on investment and good profit margin. In addition, many development services companies have started in recent years for entrepreneurs and startups to develop their platforms. These companies provide white-label solutions to various NFT-based platform developments to provide their services easily and quickly.

Games have always attracted a large audience. It doesn’t matter if it’s just video games or games to make money; will reach your target audience. With NFTs involved in the field of gambling, increases the chances of people winning from games and makes it easier to own in-game assets. NFT game development has the potential to create high traffic to the platform. Many game platform development service companies have been found, and several of the top companies offer the best solutions for platform development.

In addition, the possibility of obtaining funds for the development of this platform is high. Investors need to see the potential and uniqueness of the platform to invest in it; a NFT game development is earlier. This NFT game allows players to earn rewards or digital currencies through the platform. Game assets such as skin, avatar, weapons, etc. are all NFTs that can be owned by players in real time. This ignites the sparks for many gamers to try NFT games and is one of the main reasons for the creation of this platform.

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  • The possibility of owning the assets of the game. The authority is applicable not only in the game, but also the player owns the game asset in real life. As the game assets are in-game NFTs and rely on blockchain technology to prove ownership, the player can trade the asset in the game. NFT market by value in real time, such as digital currencies or other assets. And this is not applicable to traditional video games.
  • The game assets in the NFT game are all unique. As the digital assets of the game are NFTs, it has a unique identification code and metadata. A game resource, such as a skin or a character, may look similar, but it is not the same and is unique. This is also not possible in traditional video games.
  • The possibility of earning rewards and money is higher in NFT game than in conventional ones.
  • NFT gaming platforms allow players to stake their NFTs on a gambling platform to increase their value and earn rewards for it.
  • The participation of NFTs establishes clear rules and policies on the platform, as there will be trading and exchange of digital assets; It is very secure thanks to blockchain technology.
  • Since the development of NFT games is based on the flourishing blockchain technology, interests many players more than conventional video games. Not to mention the high profit margin it provides to platform owners.
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In recent years, many NFT-based platform development service companies have been founded. If one wants to develop their platform from scratch, they can. But today, people find it slower and more expensive, and opt for white-label solutions. These solutions have been excluded due to their cost-effectiveness, time-saving capabilities, and seamless customization options in the pre-built solution.

  • Choose your Niche: When you want to develop an NFT gaming platform, you have to develop a strategy from the design to the launch of the platform. It makes it easy to draw what they want for their deck and how they want it. Choosing the genre of the gaming platform is an initial step. The platform can be an arcade, action, adventure, battle, racing, sports, casino and card, board game theme, etc. Choosing a niche helps design the game’s platform and characters accordingly.
  • Select a development company: Select a development company for NFT game development. Choosing the best and the best helps to receive a well-developed platform. One can take a look at their demo work and review their clientele, ratings, etc. to select the best service company. After choosing the company, explain to them what kind of platform development you want and your ideas on how you want it. Briefly indicate what you would like the platform layouts to look like. It makes it easier for the developer to customize the platform to their preferences.
  • Test and release: Once the gaming platform is developed, multi-test the platforms to catch any bugs. Then the gaming platform will be ready to launch whenever you want.
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Some of the leading NFT game development solutions

  • Axie Infinity Clone
  • kittens crypto clone
  • Clone of Sorare
  • Cryptodynasty Clone
  • Clone of CryptoPunks
  • God Clone Unchained
  • F1 Delta Time game clone
  • clone


Several NFT game development companies are thriving today due to the interest of potential customers in this field. Many companies provide development and marketing services for their platform which helps to increase the success rate of the platform. Build your gaming platform with the support of leading development companies and grow your business alongside this burgeoning technology. As NFTs are in a frenzy right now, it will be impossible not to participate in the growth of this game development based on blockchain technology.

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