Racing games that bombed at launch but became cult classics

Video games have been around for over four decades and have evolved significantly. Also, game genres have matured to the max, which is why old games don’t look like new ones anymore. Categories like first person shooters and third person open world titles have become some of the most popular game types in 2022.

Another genre is racing, which has become extremely popular over the years and has produced titles like force horizon 5 Y grand tourer. Unfortunately, these car games don’t get as much attention as other titles on the market. Therefore, many do not receive attention at launch. Here is a list of some of these racing games that were successful months after their release.


10 CarX Drift Racing Online

CarX Drift Racing Online is a 2017 simulation driving game that emphasizes professional sports racing. It is an immersive title where players get the chance to feel like trained racers as they make their way to the top. The game supports single player, online co-op, and online PvP modes, all with a deep focus on customization and realistic physics.

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CarX Drift Racing Online it also offers unique tracks from various cities around the world and graphics on par with today’s racing games. Despite all that, the game flopped at launch, as Steam review scores show that it gained the majority of its player base by the end of 2020.

9 is an affordable way to experience the best simulation-based racing on Steam. It is a physics-based car driving game that offers fun gameplay, great visuals, and lots of content. is an investment for gamers who want to enjoy realistic driving.

The game uses a proprietary soft-body physics engine that simulates every moving part of a car, making the game extremely realistic. It is also compatible with a variety of computer specifications and only requires a 1 GB graphics card and 8 GB of RAM. The game has been around on Steam since 2015, but only became immensely popular in late 2019.

8 Active in Corsa

Active in Corsa was once an unheard of game from a fairly small developer. However, it has become extremely popular over the years and has “Very Positive” review scores on Steam. The game is known to be a very good car simulation title that focuses on racing and driving in the most realistic way possible.

Active in Corsa It offers a dozen different plugins and a quality experience that most games today fail to capture. The game page states active to is the “NEXT GENERATION RACING SIMULATOR”, which is obvious considering its popularity and VR support. While the game came out in 2014, it really managed to capture engagement five years later.

7 decendents

by ubisoft Republic of Riders it came out in 2021, but it seems that one of the main reasons for its existence is the popularity of the 2018 game decendents. The bike racing game is an “extreme free downhill” experience that focuses on the popular sport BMX. It is an action cycling game that offers single player, online PvP and stunt-based gameplay.

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decendents it currently has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam, but during its initial release in 2018, the game didn’t catch many eyes. The game has been getting positive scores since the beginning of 2020, months after its official release on Steam.

6 Dirt Rally 2.0

Almost everyone knows the popular Dirt series, one of the best racing games from Codemasters, if not the best. Offroad car simulation games are known for their amazing physics-based gameplay and close-knit racing that always keep players engaged.

dirt rally 2 takes that to another level by focusing on the rally aspect of the popular sport and giving players access to locations around the world. Unfortunately, the popular off-road game flopped on release. Steam review scores show that it only managed to get 100-200 reviews per month for almost eight months.

5 shipwreck

shipwreck is a simulation-based racing game that focuses on Burnout-like destruction mechanics. It is a demolition derby title and uses its realistic in-game physics to bring out the violent sport in all its glory. shipwreck offers sophisticated driving dynamics and in-depth enhancements, as well as more traditional track racing and demolition derby racing.

The best part of this game is its unique concept that players cannot find in most other games. This could be why it has such a positive score after years of being ignored.

4 Flat Out 2

plane 2 is an old game that originally came out in 2006. It is a sequel to the 2004 racing game of the same name, which was met with a lackluster reception upon release. Like its predecessor, plane 2 it also garnered average review scores after its release. However, the game now has an “overwhelmingly positive” user rating on Steam, which is a testament to its greatness.

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The second flat game is a combat based arcade racing game popular for its classic gameplay and fun old school mini-games. The review score graph on Steam shows that the game has grown steadily among players since 2020.

3 iRacing

iRacing It is a good car simulator famous among gamers who like realistic racing and yearn for a virtual race in the sport. The game’s home page describes it as the “world’s best car racing game”, and there are some good reasons for that. iRacing is a membership-based MMO where players can define their legacy and build friendships just like they would in the real world.

Players can find more than 150 cars and tracks in the game, 40 official series, 800 private leagues and much more. After its release in 2015, the game received 2-5 reviews per month until it blew up in 2020 when VR became more accessible.

two Trackmania united forever

Trackmania united forever is a Ubisoft game that is still purchasable on Steam due to its active player base. It is a unique arcade racing game that focuses on time trial gameplay and spectacular tracks. Regarding the content, Trackmania united forever It offers four single-player modes, seven vehicle types, team-based multiplayer modes, and great graphics.

Also, it comes with a level editor for those who want to create unique and wacky tracks and play out their fantasies. The game originally came out in 2008 on Steam, but it has been played quite actively lately.

1 MX vs ATV Reflex

MX vs ATV Reflex is a motocross racing title that became one of the best games THQ has ever released. It is an off-road sports title about action and stunt performance. Most gamers love some cool features of this game, including “chaos-heavy environments” and “death-defying cheats.” MX vs ATV Reflex It offers dual controls where players can separately control the rider and their vehicle in the game.

Also, the track continuously changes with every lap, which makes the game unpredictable and fun. Steam’s review score chart shows that the game was bombed at launch for four years before it started getting criticism from people and became a “Very Positive” title on the platform.

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