Quantic Dream has been acquired by Netease Games and will continue to “operate independently”

Netease, the developer and publisher behind numerous titles including Naraka: Bladepoint and Diablo Immortal, has announced the latest studio under its umbrella: Quantic Dream. This French developer is known for creating a variety of narrative-focused titles, including Heavy Rain, Detroit Become: Human, and Beyond Two Souls.

This is the first European company to be acquired by Netease, as the company spreads its financial fingers around the world to acquire studios left and right. With this particular acquisition, the folks at Netease state that the studio will “continue to operate independently” as it develops titles across all platforms.

Check out the Star Wars Eclipse cinematic trailer here!

The studio will also apparently continue to support and publish third-party developed titles, which is great news if you liked the look of Under the Waves, a game first revealed at Gamescom earlier this month, published by Quantic Dream and developed by Quantic Dream. by another French team. in Parallel Studies.

In the official press release announcing this acquisition, Quantic Dream founder David Cage writes: “NetEase Games values ​​our creative freedom and the drive and passion of our unique and diverse team. Now we will be able to accelerate the vision we share as a group, to create iconic titles that touch people on an emotional level. We have very differentiated games in development and I truly believe that the best is yet to come from Quantic Dream.”

This is turning out to be a great year for Quantic Dreams. Along with this news, they are still working on Star Wars: Eclipse, a narrative title set in the popular sci-fi universe for which we have yet to see any gameplay or release date.

Quantic Dreams games have always been a love or hate affair. While they’ve taken a giant slice of the game industry’s blockbuster narrative pie, other companies like Supermassive Games are cutting their own slice with The Dark Pictures Anthology, which we recently spoke with game director Tom Heaton about. . Plus, you also have New Tales from the Borderlands on the way, a successor to the beloved choice-based RPG from the old Telltale games (which are back and featuring new titles).

What do you think will come out of this acquisition? Do you think this is a good move from Netease, or is Quantic Dreams not a great buy in your mind? Let us know!

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