Quantic Dream acquired by NetEase Games

The developer of Detroit: Become Human claims it will maintain creative independence despite NetEase taking full ownership.

It would seem that David Cage’s Quantic Dream studio is the latest developer to be snapped up in the acquisition marathon in 2022. NetEase Games already had a minority stake in the company for years, but as of this week, NetEase is taking full ownership. Quantic Dream as a developer meets NetEase’s ongoing acquisition spree. However, Quantic Dream maintains that creative control over its projects and direction will be reserved.

Quantic Dream shared the news of the acquisition in a recent press release shared on the developer’s website. According to the statement, NetEase will become a 100 percent shareholder in Quantic Dream, welcoming Detroit developer Become Human and Heavy Rain into its collective along with Nagoshi Studio, Grasshopper Manufacture and the former leader’s new Jar of Sparks studio. From Halo, Jerry Hook. . It’s worth noting that NetEase already took a minority stake in Quantic Dream in 2019 and had been investing in the developer as it took its catalog to release on PC via the Epic Games Store.

The Star Wars Eclipse game logo
With games like Under the Waves and Star Wars Eclipse planned, Quantic Dream claims that the NetEase acquisition will not disrupt its development and publishing plans.
Source: Quantum Dream

Despite the acquisition, Quantic Dreams says it will retain control of creative decisions, the direction of its projects and its publishing businesses.

We will maintain our independence in terms of our editorial line, the artistic direction of our projects and the management of the studio. Our teams, who are totally involved in this operation and who benefit directly financially, of course remain in their entirety and will continue to grow and become stronger.

NetEase Games is committed to supporting video game innovation and development around the world, and it is within this framework that Quantic Dream will continue to grow. We will continue to operate independently, retain the ability to create and self-publish our games across all platforms, and continue to support and publish third-party developed titles.

Quantic Dream currently has several new projects in development for the next few years. He’s working on Star Wars Eclipse with Lucasfilm Games and also just announced a new original IP at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 in the form of Under the Waves. With the acquisition of NetEase, Quantic becomes another part of one of several growing gaming giants in this year’s deal marathon. Stay tuned as we continue to keep an eye out for new developments.

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