Q&A with some of our VALORANT Leaders

What is something that excites you about the future of VALORANT?

Andy: We are just beginning this journey with players, and I am very excited about everything that lies ahead! I’m especially excited about the future of competitive VALORANT and bringing the game and esport together as a unified experience with a revamped VCT structure and in-game team-based competitive system.

I think VALORANT is best when you play as a team, and thinking of VALORANT as a team opens up a whole new dimension to the game. I’m really excited for players to be able to experience that in a formal setting and see new stars emerge!

Nikki: In the future, I am very excited that more players will be able to experience VALORANT as we come to different gaming platforms!

To pursue: I’m excited for new players to learn what VALORANT is and join our community. The engagement and support of our players far exceeded our expectations and that collective group of past, current and future players will help us define what VALORANT can and will become. Our players really have unlimited power here.

Arnar: I’m excited about so many different things. The evolution of our esport, the continued expression of our agents and the world, upcoming collaborations, and of course the evolution of the game itself. Discovering new game spaces to experience, working with players to keep the game fresh, accessible, and fun while continually protecting the competitive integrity of VALORANT.

Joseph: I feel like we are still starting. The game has been available for more than 2 years, but the first two years have been dedicated to discovering the live service. The next few years should result in a more streamlined roadmap as we begin to accelerate the development of new features.

Which agent has your favorite ultimate? And because?

Andy: The resurrection of the sage. It’s simple, powerful, team-oriented, interactive for both teams, and requires good judgment to use well. It also has a wide range of results for such a simple idea, which is a big part of what makes VALORANT special.

Nikki: The fury of the Sova hunter. He’s great at pulling people out of hiding from him, and if they don’t run away, it’s like they’re gone.

To pursue: Brimstone Orbital Strike. Over the years of VAL’s development, Brim’s ult took many forms (and looks), but it was always the best example of a game-changing ability that did exactly what Brim was meant to do: control the situation. . Even after years of play, I’m still learning creative ways to use Brim’s ult to decide how a round will play out, and it really helps fulfill that Controller fantasy.

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