PSVR2 will not be backwards compatible with original games

It has been officially confirmed that PlayStation VR1 games will not be compatible with the highly anticipated PlayStation VR2.

It has been officially confirmed that Playstation VR2 it will not be compatible with PlayStation VR1 games. The original PSVR launched nearly six years ago and has since racked up hundreds of titles that fans can play on headsets. Although it was designed to work with PlayStation 4, it is also compatible with PlayStation 5 using a USB to PlayStation Camera Adapter.

The next generation of PlayStation VR was announced earlier this year, but more hardware details were revealed during PlayStation State of Play in June. The PlayStation VR2 will implement eye tracking, faster refresh rates, 4K HDR, and a resolution of 2000×2040 pixels per eye. This is a huge technological step, and gamers can look forward to a more immersive experience when playing video games. Additionally, PlayStation State of Play showcased a couple of PSVR2 games currently in development, including games from third-party developers like well-known game developer and publisher Capcom.


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On this Friday’s episode 439 of the Official PlayStation Podcast: Virtual Impressions on the PlayStation Blog, it was confirmed that PlayStation VR1 games will not be compatible with PlayStation VR2. The news was confirmed near the end of an interview with PlayStation senior president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino. When asked directly if the new VR headsets would be backward compatible with next-gen titles, Nishino explained that “PSVR2 is designed to deliver a true next-generation virtual reality experience. The PSVR2 has much more advanced features […] so this means that developing games for PSVR2 requires a completely different approach than the original PSVR.

Number of PSVR2 games may affect headset sales

Although PSVR2 will have some games that fans will appreciate, many fans will likely be disappointed that some PSVR1 titles do indeed fall behind. As Sony has focused solely on enhancing its brand technology with PlayStation VR2, these games will be remembered solely as PlayStation VR1 games. Also, Sony will finally catch up with PSVR2, because it won’t be compatible with PSVR1 titles. Unless Sony is able to release a wide selection of PlayStation VR2 games at the same time the new headsets are released, the video game company giant may not see the sales figures it expects from PSVR2.

Hopefully confirmed PSVR2 games like Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil VillageY Mountain Horizon Call it will be enough to entice PlayStation console users and VR fans alike to buy the new hardware when it launches. PSVR2 having more “console-quality” AAA games may be what ultimately drives the success of the next-gen VR headset. PSVR2 it is expected to come out sometime next year.

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