Prey: How to incapacitate Dahl

Prey is a first-person shooter video game developed by Arkane Austin and published by Bethesda Gameworks. The player assumes the role of Morgan Yu, a scientist who was studying a hostile alien race called the Typhon aboard the space station “Talos 1”. Unfortunately, a containment breach causes the ship to be overtaken by the Typhoon, and Morgan must survive and find a way to escape the station, using new items and equipment to reach new areas in a style reminiscent of arcade games. Metroidvania.


During the events of Prey, the player will eventually want to deal with Walther Dahl, who intends to kill all the personnel aboard the Talos 1 and retrieve some documents and technology. Dealing with him non-lethal can be tricky, but this guide will break it down.

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How to get the side quest

To obtain the “Incapacitate Dahl” side quest, players must first save Dr. Igwe and then be ambushed by Dahl’s military operators in the Arboretum. This will prompt Igwe to contact the player to suggest a plan of action to handle Dahl, and returning to Morgan’s office will allow them to properly discuss it.

Igwe’s plan is to knock out Dahl and remove his Neuromods so he forgets his mission, at which point he could be used to help get out of the ship.

How to meet Dahl

To find Dahl, players will need to sneak aboard the shuttle he arrived on (which is located in Shuttle Bay) and locate his technical officer using the terminal. After this, Dahl will lure the player into the life support area. Dahl is in the airflow control room, where it’s possible to sneak up on him and knock him out with the stun gun, but there’s an easier way to deal with him.

Instead of entering the Airflow Control Room, players should head to the Air Filtration Control Room on the left. Dahl hasn’t put on his helmet, so the decontamination procedure in the terminal near the window will suck the air out of your room and knock you unconscious. Igwe will be in charge of transporting Dahl for the Neuromod extraction. Players should make sure to also take care of Dahl’s technical officer “KASPAR” before proceeding to the next step.

Dahl’s Neuromod Removal

After progressing further into the story, players will eventually receive a radio message from Igwe to go to the Neuromod Atrium and remove Dahl’s Neuromods. Run the procedure to complete the quest and acquire a Neuromod and three Null Wave Transmitters.

Prey It is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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