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FX on Hulu has a new original limited series that is sure to have fans hooked. The patient, a psychological thriller created by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, known for creating special effects The Americans, It will star Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson. The series, first announced in October 2021, will premiere in late August and will consist of ten half-hour episodes. FX Entertainment President Eric Schrier stated:

“We are excited that Joe and Joel are back with their next series for FX after the great experience of working with them on six incredible seasons of The Americans. His creative instincts and mastery of the plot and the characters come back to show with The patientshowcasing Steve Carell’s remarkable talents as an actor, producer and creative collaborator.”

Cast announcements began in January, and filming began that same month. In addition to being the creators of The patient, Fields and Weisberg also serve as writers for all ten episodes, as well as executive producers, along with Caroline Moore, Victor Hsu, and Chris Long, who is also directing the first two episodes.The patient comes on the heels of previous critically successful Hulu limited series such as Dopesick, under the banner of heaven, Y The Abandonment.


The trailer was released in July and shows Carell’s character in a hostage situation with one of his patients, Gleeson’s character, who turns out to be a serial killer. The trailer also shows the tense situations of both characters as they try to keep their composure. According to the trailer, the upcoming series promises to keep viewers on their toes, wondering how it will play out from start to finish.

And although the trailer reveals some information about the plot and the characters, it does not give all the details to spoil before the premiere. Here’s everything we know about FX on Hulu The patient.

The patient: the plot

The synopsis of FX on Hulu’s The patient it is:

“Therapist Alan Strauss is held prisoner by a patient, Sam Fortner, who is revealed to be a serial killer. Sam has an unusual therapeutic demand for Alan: to curb his homicidal impulses. To survive, Alan must relax Sam’s troubled mind and stop him from killing again, but Sam refuses to address critical issues, such as his mother Candace’s. Alone in captivity, Alan excavates his own past through the memories of his former therapist, Charlie, and deals with waves of his own repressed issues: the recent death of his wife, Beth, and the painful estrangement from his religious son, Ezra. . Over the course of his incarceration, Alan discovers not only how deep Sam’s compulsion runs, but also how much work he has to do to repair the rift in his own family.”

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the trailer of The patient he also questions whether Alan and Sam will make any kind of connection on their unusual journey of healing, as they both have family issues. Will Alan be able to communicate with Sam to let him go as a hostage and possibly understand his disturbing demeanor of being a serial killer? Will Alan be able to accept the death of his wife after this terrible experience?

The Patient: The Cast

The patients The cast includes Steve Carell, best known for playing Michael Scott on The office. While this is not Carell’s first dramatic role, after starring in fox hunter and most notably Apple TV the morning showthe trailer of The patient it shows Carell diving deep into this dramatic and serious part while dealing with a life and death situation.

There was some controversy with Carell’s casting, as Alan is Jewish and Carell is not. But creators Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg defended their casting choice in an interview with Variety, saying:

“Jewish issues are very personal and important to each of us. My dad was a rabbi, so I grew up in that world. Joe also grew up in a Jewish family. So we were able to take advantage of something very personal for us. And ultimately, I think a big part of our belief as storytellers is that what we’re doing is trying to amplify our common humanity. And that’s something Steve does brilliantly in this part and Domhnall does brilliantly in his part. And we hope that ultimately that’s what people take away from the details found on the show.”

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Joining Carell are Domhnall Gleeson (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), who plays serial killer and Alan’s patient Sam Fortner, Linda Emond (the golden age), who plays Candace, Sam’s mother, and Andrew Leeds as Ezra, Alan’s son. The cast also includes Laura Niemi as Beth, Alan’s recently deceased wife, David Alan Grier as Charlie, Alan’s former therapist and mentor, and Alex Rich, who will play a recurring role.

Release date

fx The patient premieres Tuesday, August 30, 2022, only on Hulu.

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