Plot, cast, release date, and everything else we know

While fans are more than looking forward to the imminent Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire animated series after its groundbreaking first look teaser, it won’t be coming anytime soon, at least not around 2023. In the meantime, fans can check out Netflix’s new animated series. skull island. The trailer makes it clear that it is a spin-off of Kong: Skull Island and that the two projects share visual similarities.

skull island, the upcoming Netflix series, is written by Brian Duffled and stars several well-known voice actors such as Nicolas Cantu, Betty Gilpin, and Mae Whitman. The series will be available in both Japanese and English, though Netflix has not revealed any information about the Japanese cast. skull island It should be worth watching, even if many people aren’t familiar with the previous MonsterVerse movies. With that said, here’s everything we know about the series, including its plot, actors, trailer, and release date.


Skull Island: The Plot

Netflix has released an official teaser for the skull island anime, which gives us a good indication of what to expect from the series. The plot centers on a group of eager explorers whose shipwreck lands them on a desolate island known as “Skull Island.” When they arrive, they discover that the island is teeming with unusual creatures, as well as some people who are not happy with the fact that they are still alive.

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While one of the group members, Annie, is kidnapped by someone, Charlie, the main protagonist of the anime, sets out to find her with the help of the others. However, despite his best efforts, it seems nothing can get off the island as the sea is infested with creatures such as the Kraken, shown wrecking a helicopter that was supposed to help the explorers. So how will the group get back home, or better yet, to safety?

The official website of Legendary Entertainment has provided the anime’s synopsis. It is as follows:

Skull Island is a thrilling animated adventure series that follows a group of kind-hearted explorers who fish a drowning girl out of the ocean, unaware that they are on a collision course with Skull Island, the world’s most dangerous on Earth. — the mysterious home of strange beasts and terrifying monsters, including the greatest Titan of all: Kong.

The series feels like a retelling of the 2017 movie. Kong: Skull Island, with numerous creatures trying to hunt down the newly arrived explorers while Kong saves them. The trailer didn’t explicitly state that Kong was friendly, but given how things work in the MonsterVerse, it’s a safe assumption.

Skull Island: The Cast and Crew

Cast of Skull Island

skull island It has young but experienced voice actors who have previously worked on various popular animated movies and TV shows. Charlie, the main protagonist of the series, who seems to be the heart of the stranded group, is voiced by Nicolás Cantú.

Although Nicolás has been an actor, with frequent television appearances in The Walking Dead: The World Beyond and walk the jokeHe is also a renowned dubbing actor, with works such as Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, Worm of the Future!, The amazing world of Gumball and Dragon Rescue Riders.

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Meanwhile, Mae Whitman, known for her role as Arnity in the owl housemeg ryan in Family manCassie Sandsmark in Young Justiceand Batgirl in DC superhero girls, provides the voice of Annie. While these two characters are revealed in the trailer to be the main driving force behind the story, the anime series also features Darren Barnett (I have never) as Mike, Betty Gilpin (Glow) as Irene, Phil LeMarr (samurai jack) as Sam, and Benjamin Bratt (Modern Family) as chap.

skull island will feature animation from Powerhouse Animation Studios, the same studio that created hits like the castlevania franchise, blood of zeusand Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Brain Duffled, who previously wrote scripts for acclaimed films like The Nanny: Killer Queen, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, and Dylan O’Brien love and monstersis the lead writer behind the project.

The music for the series is composed by Jason Lazarus and Joseph Trapanese. While the former is best known for his earlier work on Forgot, Robin Hoodand Are you afraid of the dark?the latter is most notable for his work on The Wizard, shadow and bone, Quantico, the greatest showmanand a host of other amazing movies and TV shows.

The series is a collaboration between Legendary Television, Powerhouse Animation Studios, and Tractor Pants, and is executive produced by Brad Gaeber, Jen Chambers, Brian Duffield, Jacob Robinson, and Thomas Tull.

Skull Island: release date

skull islandthe upcoming MonsterVerse anime series will premiere on Netflix on June 22.

Skull Island: Everything Else We Know

Skull Island Release Date

While many people are familiar with movies like king kong and Godzillasome may be unaware of the crossovers between these films, as seen in godzilla vs kong. All of these movies are part of the MonsterVerse, a shared fictional universe based on a famous American media franchise.

From his initial film, GodzillaIn 2014, the MonsterVerse has released multiple movies, including Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monstersand godzilla vs kong. With skull island Netflix series, numerous other projects, such as Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and godzilla and the titansThey are already in process. If you haven’t seen the other MonsterVerse movies, do so before you jump in. skull island to improve your experience.