Plan to use the e-Scooter valet service at upcoming soccer games

Razorback Football Gameday scooter valet map.

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Razorback Football Gameday scooter valet map.

Ride an e-scooter to the soccer game tomorrow? Plan to park at the convenient scooter valets located at the Maple/Garland intersection near the Law School, or at the Stadium/Clinton intersection across from Adohi Hall.

Scooter valets help alleviate traffic and parking problems and establish a preferred parking area for scooter users. Valet parking will be available one hour before kickoff, giving you plenty of time to have fun before the game. SPIN and VEORIDE representatives will be at the valet to help you park and then have the scooters ready for pick up after the game.

“Having a defined scooter parking area helps reduce parking clutter that occurs when scooter users park randomly. It is important that we keep sidewalks passable at all times,” said Cpl. Porter of the University of Arkansas Police Department. “Electric scooters are a popular form of transportation for football games, and it’s important that all users remember to stay safe and be courteous by slowing down and yielding to pedestrians who have the right of way.”

As a reminder, the use of electric scooters is allowed on streets, paved trails, and everywhere bicycles are allowed. Riding an electric scooter is allowed on most sidewalks, but passengers must yield to pedestrians. Special caution should be taken at pedestrian crossings and driveways. Riding on sidewalks adjacent to buildings is not permitted. More information can be found below and at

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  • Park scooters carefully — in a designated bike rack or pen
    • Always park scooters upright on a firm surface so they do not fall over.
    • DO NOT park scooters:
      • sidewalk blocking
      • In disabled areas
      • in front of the doors
      • in the flow of traffic
  • Obey traffic laws — Scooter users must obey the same traffic laws as drivers.
    • Always yield to pedestrians.
    • Yield to vehicular traffic at crosswalks and intersections.
    • Ring the bell before passing pedestrians.
    • Use the right lane when on the road and NEVER drive against traffic.
  • watch your speed — Scooters will automatically slow down to 6 MPH in designated “slow zones.”
  • Helmets prevent head injuries and are highly recommended.

About the UA Sustainability Office: The mission of the University of Arkansas Office of Sustainability is to encourage, facilitate, and coordinate responsible practices through partnerships with students, faculty, and staff from all departments on campus. The OFS uses the campus as a living laboratory in overseeing the implementation of the University of Arkansas’ environmental goals. These programs are part of the UA Resilience Center, organized by the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, and supported by UA Facilities Management.

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