Pixar announced that Carl from Up will return for a new short, but fans have all the feelings about the plot.

If you try to classify Pixar movies by how much they make you cry2009 Above It is surely somewhere high on your list. There are feature films that fail to elicit emotion from audiences as well as the first ten minutes of the Ed Asner-directed film. In the opening minutes of the film, we see how a young Carl Fredericksen (Asner) meets a girl named Ellie. He falls in love with her, marries her, renovates his childhood clubhouse into a home of his own, they grow old together, and just before Carl and Ellie are about to fulfill their lifelong dream of visiting Paradise Falls, Ellie falls ill. and dies. Tragic. Well, get ready to feel all the feelings again because Pixar Animation Studios recently announced the heartbreaking plot of their upcoming Above derivative short film, Carl’s date. The new short, which we recently discovered will be presented with Elementary, will bring back Pixar’s beloved Carl Fredricksen and bring closure to the love story between him and Ellie. However, fans can’t be on the same page about how they feel about this plot announcement.

The new short will follow Carl as he faces a new challenge: going on his first date since the passing of his beloved wife. As touching as Carl and Ellie’s story is, it’s no surprise that some fans don’t like the idea of ​​Carl moving on. Some have even taken to Twitter to express their feelings. One user resorted to the infamous “woman yelling at cat” meme, though the cat substituted for the official poster of carl’s date, to express your feelings about the announcement of the plot. You can see the meme for yourself below.

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