PBR Monster Energy Invitational: How to Watch, Stream, Preview & Qualify Riders for Individual Season

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A new season of PBR kicks off this weekend when the top 30 riders in the world take part in the Monster Energy Invitational individual competition November 26-27 at the Tucson Arena in Tucson, Arizona.

The action will kick off with Round 1 at 8:45 pm ET on Saturday. Round 2 and the Championship Round will begin on Sunday at 3:45 pm ET. After the first two events, the 12 riders with the best combined scores will advance to the championship round.

This will be the first time Tucson Arena has hosted a PBR competition since 2017. The seven-month singles season will include 24 events and multiple cities, including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. The PBR World Finals 2023: Unleash The Beast will take place May 12-21 in Fort Worth, Texas at Dickies Arena.

Last season’s champion was Daylon Swearingen, 23, of Piffard, NY. He is currently number 1 in the world. Before claiming the title, Swearingen was the underdog competing against tough opponents such as two-time world champion José Vitor Leme, 2018 World Champion Kaique Pacheco and world title contender Joao Ricardo Vieira.

Round 1 will be exclusively on RidePass on Pluto TV on Saturday at 8:45pm ET.

PBR released the full Unleash The Beast 2023 qualifiers last week. See below for a full list of qualifiers and more information on how to watch:

TV, broadcast schedule

Full Unleash The Beast 2023 Ranked List

  • José Vitor Leme (World Champion)
  • Daylon Swearingen (World Champion)
  • Kaique Pacheco (World Champion)
  • Cooper Davis (World Champion)
  • Ednei Caminhas (World Champion)
  • Silvano Alves (World Champion)
  • Jess Lockwood (World Champion)
  • Marcus Mast (Team Ranking)
  • Luciano de Castro (Team Classification)
  • Derek Kolbaba (Team Ranking)
  • Adriano Salgado (Team Classification)
  • Mason Taylor (team ranking)
  • Eduardo Aparecido (Team Classification)
  • Alisson de Souza (Team classification)
  • Andrew Alvidrez (Team Ranking)
  • Dalton Kasel (Team Ranking)
  • Ramón de Lima (Team Classification)
  • Cody Jesus (Team Ranking)
  • Joao Ricardo Vieira (Team Classification)
  • Daniel Keeping (Team Ranking)
  • Lucas Divino (Team Classification)
  • Boudreaux Campbell (Team Classification)
  • Keyshawn Whitehorse (Challenger Series Championship Qualifier)
  • Sandro Batista (Challenger Series Championship Qualifier)
  • Wyatt Rogers (Challenger Series Championship Qualifier)
  • Rafael José de Brito (Challenger Series Championship Qualifier)
  • Jesse Petri (Challenger Series Championship Qualifier)
  • Mauricio Moreira (2022 World Ranking Top 2 Not Ranked)
  • Eli Vastbinder (2022 World Ranking Top 2 Unranked)
  • Joao Henrique Lucas (Nashville Stampede)
  • Braidy Randolph (The Texas Rattlesnakes)
  • Briggs Madsen (Oklahoma Liberty)
  • Colten Fritzlan (Missouri Thunder)
  • Koltin Hevalow (Kansas City Outlaws)
  • Wingson da Silva (Carolina Cowboys)
  • Dakota Louis (Austin Players)
  • Vitor Losnake (Arizona Ridge Riders)
  • Bob Mitchell (up to 10 additional team positions)
  • Ezekiel Mitchell (up to 10 additional team positions)
  • Rafael Henrique dos Santos (up to 10 additional team positions)

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