Patriots next three game prediction after week two win

The New England Patriots had a big win in week two over the Pittsburgh Steelers. How will they fare in their next three contests? Many had buried the Patriots for their Week 2 game, but the team had other ideas.

Anchored by a strong defensive performance and a running game, New England was able to get into a very tough place to play and snatch a win from him. Now the team is set to have three matchups perhaps even tougher than the ones they endured against the Steelers.

These next three games will be great for the Patriots. They will really be tested, and I think if they fail here, the rest of the season won’t go as well as we want. His next game is his first home game against the Baltimore Ravens. Their next game is on the road against the Green Bay Packers, and their next game after that is at home against the Detroit Lions.

So how will the Patriots fare in their next three games?

Predict the next three games of the New England Patriots

The Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are back and significantly healthier than the ones they had to face last year. Lamar Jackson has been terrific since the beginning of the season, and even with his squandered lead against the Miami Dolphins, the Ravens are a powerhouse team.

My concern for this game is my main concern for the season. If the Ravens can break through the Patriots’ defense and put up 20-plus points, I’m not sure New England can come out on top here. I think they fall into this game as Baltimore is just a more dynamic and talented team.

Registration: 1-2
Green Bay Packers

His next game is in Green Bay against the Packers. Although they don’t have Davante Adams, the Packers are still a force to be taken seriously. His defense is underrated; the unit has studs at every level, highlighted by cornerback Jaire Alexander.

The Packers should now look like a much more balanced team. They’ll likely rely on their running game more than usual and perhaps rely more on defense, rather than Aaron Rodgers’ arm.

The Packers are also absurdly good in the regular season under Matt LaFleur. I expect the Packers to win this by multiple scores.

Register: 1-3
Detroit Lions

Fortunately, I think this is a very winnable game for the New England Patriots. The Lions have been able to move the ball pretty well after two weeks and just secured their first win of the season against the Washington Commanders.

While the Lions can be a fun and exciting team this year, I don’t expect them to be able to do much against Bill Belichick. The coaching advantage the Patriots have in this game is pretty apparent, even if Detroit has the most talented roster.

The quarterback matchup between Jared Goff and Mac Jones is about as even as it gets, but I like that the Patriots take this one by a touchdown.

Record: 2-3

Being 2-3 after five games is far from ideal. This would likely put them near the bottom of the AFC.

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