Our Favorite Android Game Mods

Modding allows you to experience a video game from a whole new angle. Mods are more prevalent in PC games, where the game files are accessible to all users. Files are added, modified, or deleted by modders to change how the game works. Android games don’t offer the same mod capabilities as PC games, but with a bit of effort, you can install mods just like on your desktop.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Android game mods available in this list, along with instructions on how to install each one. Mods are a great way to squeeze a few extra hours out of your favorite game, so go back to download Knights of the Old Republic 2, grab one of the best Android game controllers, and see what you’ve been missing.

Before starting

Modding games is not a reliable or easy process, no matter the platform, and Android is terrible. Most of the moddable games are ports of PC games. Android games are generally not designed to support mods. This does not mean that you can install mods the same way on PC. Due to access permissions and game structure, games that can be easily modded on PC often cannot be modded on Android.

The universal rule of modding is also worth reiterating. Mods will break your game at worst and make your save files inaccessible at best. Please back up your save files before you start modifying to avoid a disaster.

Android game modding may also require you to install an APK to access an older version of the game. Please refer to our guide on APK installation if you are not familiar with the process.


The Sith Lords Recovered – KOTOR 2

If you loved Knights of the Old Republic 2, you might be surprised that the developers removed a significant amount of content from the game before it was released. If you are interested in viewing this content, please install The Sith Lords Retrieved Content Mod.

You will have to do a significant amount of work to make it work. We have a guide to walk you through this process. Worth the effort. KOTR 2 is one of the best RPGs on Android, and this mod makes it even better.

Farm on the Beach – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley update 1.5 introduced many new features, but it hasn’t made it to Android yet. If you are a fan of this game (and why not, it is one of the fantastic RPGs for Android), there is a way to access one of the best features of this update.

Beach Farm was an additional option for your farm layout that was introduced in 1.5. It adds some nifty features like crates that wash up on shore and requires a different farming strategy to turn a profit. You can install the mod from Nexus Mods and the other programs needed to make it work. One of the tools, SMAPI, is a bit tricky to use, so follow our guide on how to install Stardew Valley mods with SMAPI to make sure everything runs smoothly.

TL Pro – Terrariums

Terraria has plenty of mods on PC, from RPG conversions to graphical enhancements. However, these mods are not available on Android. While the library is not that extensive, there are several mods available on Android when using the TL Pro app.

TL Pro allows you to install a selection of Terraria mods with a single tap. While the available mods only offer minor changes, you can combine them to create a unique Terraria experience. Our guide on TL Pro shows how to install and use these mods.

Legend of the Invincibles – Battle for Wesnoth

Unlike most Android games, Battle for Wesnoth has extensive support for mods. It is integrated into the game, so you don’t need to mess around with additional APKs or apps to install mods. tap on the Accessories button on the home screen to navigate through the modifications. While you can theoretically install all of them, some mods may not work depending on your device.

The list of mods may seem overwhelming, but Legend of the Invincibles is a must. The most significant part is a 200-scenario campaign (nearly ten times longer than the original campaign) consisting of five subplots. It also expands on the leveling feature of the base game, allowing you to grow your characters throughout the entire campaign.

The best mod for Battle for Wesnoth is Era of Magic. This mod adds a ton of content, including a single player campaign that uses clever tricks to create stunning maps. However, it didn’t work properly on the devices we tested. So first place goes to Legend of the Invincibles. But it’s worth giving Era of Magic a shot, just in case.

C&C Rusty Alert – Rusty War

Rusted Warfare is one of the best real-time strategy games for Android. It’s a throwback to the days of Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation and works amazingly on mobile. If you want a full RTS on your phone, it’s a perfect option, but you may want more content.

Rusted Warfare’s mod support is just as good as Battle for Wesnoth’s, but you’ll need to take a couple of extra steps. Download a mod from the Moddb page, then tap the modifications on the Rusted Warfare home screen. Then search for mods on your phone, tap on the mod file and you are good to go.

If you’re wondering where to start, C&C Rusted Alert is a must-play. It is a conversion of Command & Conquer: Red Alert, so fans of C&C games can relive the games, Rusted Warfare style. Download it from your mod page and open it within Rusted Warfare as described above.

Get the most out of your Android games with mods

While modding on Android still has a ways to go, some fantastic mods can be played today. While not all of the best Android games support mods, there are still plenty on this list to occupy your time.

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