Otona Najimi’s Live-Action Movie Trailer Teases The Tantalizing Love Story Of Two Childhood Friends

The official website of the next live action film adaptation of aya nakahara‘s (love withalias lovely complex) romantic comedy manga Otona Najimi has posted a 30 second trailer.

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hiroto takahashiwho worked on a live-action film adaptation of Risa Konno Mune ga Naru no wa Kimi no Sei sjoujo manga in 2021, he is serving as director on a script for Erika Yoshida (BOCCHI THE ROCK! series composition writer). fashion model/actress Rinka Kumada is cast as the main heroine Kaede Kagaya, while Inoue Mizuki (Member of Johnny & Associates male idol group HiHi Jets) plays his love interest, Haru Aoyama. The film will open in Japan on May 12, 2023. Filming has already been completed.

Visual poster inspired by the cover of the first volume of the manga with the tagline “One-sided love for each other for twenty years?”:

Cover of the first tankobon manga volume:

The original manga was serialized in Shueisha’s monthly josei manga magazine Cocohana from 2019 to 2021, and then compiled into eight tankobon volumes. The publisher describes its synopsis as follows:

Kaede Kagaya and Haru Aoyama live next door and have known each other since childhood. They started living alone, but due to various reasons, they are now living next to each other again. Kaede has always liked Haru, but nothing has happened. In order to give up her feelings for Haru, Kaede begins dating a bento shop manager, but to her surprise, he is a married man! They push her into a corner, but Haru helped her out of it and she avoids getting stuck. Haru also helps her deal with the large amount of Chinese cabbage that she ordered by mistake… Haru is currently unemployed after a fight with her boss over sexual harassment from a co-worker. Kaede loves him even in that situation, but where does her one-sided love go…?

Font: Official website of the live-action movie “Otona Najimi” / Twitter

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