Ooblets: How to Make Bean Juice

Players who want to create Beanjuice in Ooblets must unlock recipes in the Wishy Well, farm, use a Crunchster, and more.

Beanjuice is a drink in ooblets which grants 40 energy and increases execution speed by 25% for one minute when consumed. This drink is also used to initiate dance battles with Isopud, and even plays a role in the game’s main campaign progress. This means that all players will eventually need to get their hands on a certain amount of Beanjuice in oobletsand this guide contains full details on how to create this all-important drink.

Ooblets: How to Make Bean Juice

To make Beanjuice, players must have two recipes from the wishing well: the bean juice recipe and the Ground Beans Recipe. These recipes cost 50 Wishies each, and fans who need to earn more Wishies at ooblets they must focus their efforts on completing daily tasks and earning badges. Players should also make sure they have unlocked the Meed Seed Expansion through the Wishy Well by spending 75 Wishies.


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Once all of these Wishy Wells are unlocked at ooblets have been persecuted, fans should buy some Spring Bean Seeds from Meed’s Seeds and plant them in their fields. It will take just five days for these seeds to grow into a harvestable plant, and players must insert the Springbeans they collect into a Crunchy on their farms. For clarity, this machine can be crafted through the Fabricuter in the furniture store, and it will turn Springbeans into Ground Springbeans.

With some Ground Springbeans in hand, players must enter their houses in ooblets and interact with your teapot and cup. This crafting station can be purchased from Cuddlecups Cafe for 1,500 gummies, and Beanjuice will appear in the middle of your recipe list as long as the associated recipe has been unlocked through the Wishy Well. Locating Beanjuice in the recipe list, players simply need to select it to finally create the drink of interest.

To note, it is possible to purchase Beanjuice directly from Cuddlecups Cafe at a cost of 30 Gummies. While players may not want to spend all of their Gummies on ooblets buying Beanjuice this way, it’s nice to have a searchable option before unlocking all of the aforementioned recipes, machines, and brewing stations. Cuddlecups Cafe will also be happy to pay a few gummies for Springbeans, Ground Springbeans, and Beanjuice, giving players the opportunity to turn any excess items they may have into something more useful.

ooblets It is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

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