On sale! A whole block in this magnificent city on the Jersey shore

What? How can this be possible? It is true.

Do you want to own a block on the Jersey Shore? He didn’t even know this was possible.

According to nj.com it is for sale right now in beautiful Avalon. Now, you can only imagine how expensive that would be, but it’s for sale at cbredealflow.com. This block has been owned and operated for almost thirty years and is now for sale. CLICK HERE to see the block for sale.

This block of the beautiful Jersey Shore is located in Cape May County. I love this town of Avalon and it’s only a couple blocks from the beach. There is no sale price listed, but it would include two liquor licenses, buildings, parking lots, and undeveloped land. I can’t even imagine what the price of this block would be. You can imagine it?

According to Coldwell Banker, Richard Ellis, a commercial real estate services and investment firm coordinating the sale, says what investors can expect, according to nj.com…

“It offers investors a rare combination of existing cash flow from the island’s most successful food and beverage operations and significant upside through future development.”

The block in Avalon is called the Princeton and Whitebriar Block. From the restaurants on this block alone, this block generates more than ten million dollars from the restaurants alone, according to nj.com.

CLICK HERE to see this amazing block. It’s something I can only dream of. Avalon is beautiful and quaint, in my opinion.

If you could buy a block in any beach town on the Jersey shore, where would it be?

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