Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh don’t actually hate each other, sources say

Left to right: Nick Kroll, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, Sydney Chandler, Harry Styles and Gemma Chan on the red carpet ahead of the Don't Worry Darling premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Monday.

From left to right: Nick Kroll, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, Sydney Chandler, Harry Styles and Gemma Chan on the red carpet before the premiere of do not worry honey at the Venice Film Festival on Monday.
Photo: Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis/Corbis (fake images)

I’m done “honey, I’m worried!” puns. There was a brief window where they worked, but that period is over. That I am No finished, however, is the enduring gossip surrounding do not worry honeyand I will have no peace until I hear exactly what happened on that set and what happened between the cast members.

Lucky for me, the relentless news cycle continues: “Sources” fell Rolling Stone a few breadcrumbs of a new vision of DWDstartup dynamics in a article published on Wednesday. “It’s shocking to me that all of this is happening,” said an anonymous person involved in the film. RS. “I never noticed a second of tension on that set. Not a second.

To back up a bit before we continue, in case you somehow avoided this gossip, here’s a synopsis of what’s going on: Earlier this summeras promotion of do not worry honey (directed by Olivia Wilde, ex-fiancée of Jason Sudeikis, aka Mr. Ted Lasso himself), fans began to notice that the film’s star, Florence Pugh, didn’t talk about it on Instagram, even when she a) promoted his other upcoming projects, and b) Wilde praised Pugh’s performance. Speculation It was swirled that Pugh disapproved of Wilde hooking up with Harry Styles, who plays Pugh’s husband, and who began dating Wilde at some point during the film’s production. This last weekend, do not worry honey premiered in the Venice Film Festival, and Pugh, Wilde and Styles didn’t pose next to each other on the red carpet, didn’t sit next to each other in the theater and seemed to barely speak or make eye contact. Pugh was gracious during the standing ovation the film received, but he cut her off by leaving early. The natural charisma of co-stars Nick Kroll and Chris Pine did a lot of the heavy lifting, and the film’s sixth shiny name attached, Gemma Chan, stood above the fray admirably. There was also some internet. discussion as to whether Styles spat on Pine, but representatives for both men strongly denied the allegation.

Which brings us back to the Rolling Stone report, the headline of which centers around the fact that Pugh won’t be attending the film’s New York City premiere later this month, while everyone else will. The official reason is that she is filming the Dune sequel in Budapest. DunePugh’s filming schedule was also the reason given for her not appearing in the DWD press conference in Venice, which I would buy if I had only appeared on the red carpet for the premiere and had not had time to looking scruffy in Valentino loungewear, Aperol spritz in hand. (To be clear, I don’t envy him this; it’s the most aspirational vibe I’ve ever seen.) In addition, Timothée Chalamet, another of the best Dune cast member, managed to escape from the set for a long weekend in Venice.

The most interesting Rolling Stone The dates, however, were the ones that sought to minimize rumors of an initial dispute. While one person said that if Wilde “cheated [Sudeikis] with Harry Styles, and [Pugh] knew about it, I could see it was a thing”, the general tenor of the sources suggested that the production of DWD it was friendly.

“I think [Wilde] Y [Pugh] do they hate each other? Absolutely not. Was it fun and enjoyable on set? Absolutely,” another source said, adding that Wilde and Styles never took their relationship unprofessionally.

A Rolling Stone The source also made a compelling point that I think has been lost in all the hoopla: “No one would be talking about this if it was a male director.”

I’m not now entirely sure if that’s true in 2022. Our parameters of what constitutes inappropriate behavior in the overlapping worlds of the movie industry and celebrity dating have changed, let’s take In the past week, when jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s inability to date a woman over 25 were a dime a dozen. But it’s a compelling point nonetheless: Older male performers in positions of power have been dating their younger co-stars/employees/muses for centuries. As a fan of both Pugh and Wilde, I can only hope that a sexist double standard is not responsible for this coldness.

and as for what it is responsible… Maybe it was something that happened after the production ended? Maybe Pugh really hates Styles? (God forbid, I’m so sorry to put that idea in his mind.) I still have about 400 questions about this movie (and not about the plot itself, though I’ll certainly see it opening weekend), but I’m intrigued that at least one person has decided that the “all press is good press” strategy ” is no longer beneficial, even if it was just this handful of startup sources.

One thing I know for sure is that the speculative masses will not rest until someone intimately involved in the drama posts a statement on the record nipping it all in the bud. Gemma Chan doesn’t deserve this.

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