NWSJ gives a summary of November weather

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – The National Weather Service Juneau (NWSJ) provided a detailed summary of the weather for the month of November.

Greg Stann, a meteorologist with the Juneau National Weather Service, summed up November.

“November for Juneau wasn’t necessarily as exciting as some might think. Admittedly, right now we’re just talking about Juneau Alaska coming close to breaking its all-time record for rainfall. But for the month of November, we were actually below the average so far.” in terms of total rainfall. It was close. We had a total of about 6.23 inches of liquid, but the average there was actually 6.54. So it wasn’t an incredibly exciting November rainfall for much of the overall Panhandle. We saw that trend repeated as well, with Haines slightly below average, Klawock below average, Petersburg, Sitka, Yakutat and Ketchikan. Regarding the temperature, we were also a bit cold towards November. Especially towards the end of November, once we got past Thanksgiving, really. In fact, temperatures in some places were up to three degrees below normal. It was cooler and drier for the entire month of November in much of the Southeast.”

Stann talked about the place in Southeast Alaska that broke temperature records.

“So we did set a couple temperature records in November, not Juneau. But Ketchikan broke its record low temperatures on November 2 and 3, hitting 24 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit respectively, and Ketchikan really bottomed out with 24 25 there. , so cold. On the other hand, Sitka actually set a record temperature on November 16 when it hit 54 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Stann said the trend of cooler temperatures is expected to continue through December.

“There are now signs that December could be a bit below normal for precipitation as well. As the rest of winter progresses, we continue to see the same trend in temperatures. So it looks more and more like it could It’s going to be a pretty cold winter in Southeast Alaska. Past December, there’s no good indication if we’ll have more or less present than average.”

He brought the community up to speed on where Juneau is by breaking its all-time annual rainfall record.

“We’re very close to breaking the all-time rainfall record here at the Juneau airport, which is where the record in question sits. I think we’re just a few tenths of an inch away from breaking that record. So we’re very close, we’re currently in third place. First place and second place, they’re head to head. At our weather service office here, we’ve already broken our weather service record for rainfall by healthy amounts. We know that Lena The sites de Point and Auke Bay have also broken their all-time records for rainfall so the airport is still pending it’s still not number one but we’re very close and it’s possible no promises but it’s possible. that we can top that this week because it looks like we have another system on the way.”


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