Nintendo Switch: Splatoon 3 demo is now available on Nintendo Switch – here’s everything you need to know

Nintendo is giving its fans a chance to visit Splatlands two days early by releasing a demo for the Nintendo Switch.

Starting today, you can download the Splatoon 3 demo on Nintendo Switch. Multiplayer mode will be available starting this weekend. You can explore the game before the full release.

You must learn the basics and complete the tutorial missions before you can visit Splatsville.

What’s new?

You are allowed to visit the shops and walk around, but you will not be able to buy anything. You also cannot participate in online battles. You can select your team, scissors, rock or paper.

August 27th is when the demo launches, and we get to experience the new Tricolor Turf War Battles.

How to play?

Although you can download the game for free on Nintendo Switch, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play. You will get a free trial for seven days after downloading the game. The game launches on September 9.

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Splatoon 3 has a ton of new and exciting features and additions. You get new weapons, maneuvers and battle scenarios.

frequent questions

Q1. When is Splatoon 3 released?

A1. The Splatoon 3 game will be released on September 9 on Nintendo Switch.

Q2. What’s new this time?

A2. You get a lot of exciting new features and additions this time. You get new weapons, maneuvers and battle scenarios, among others.

Q3. How can you play the demo?

A3. You can play the demo by downloading it from the Nintendo store and getting an online membership.

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