Nintendo Download: ‘Sky Games Extended Edition’ Now Available for $3

Nintendo gamers may have a new game in the lineup for their next Switch game, together with friends or the whole family. This multiplayer arcade game from publisher Prison Games is one of the few titles now offering a deep discount on the My Nintendo Store. “Sky Games” in its Extended Edition is now available in the Nintendo store for only $2.99.

Released on March 18, this platform game for Nintendo Switch may be one of the best of its kind. The game can provide the same fun and excitement as Nintendo’s flagship titles “Splatoon” or “Mario Kart” despite not having many top reviews to show for it.

‘Sky Games Extended Edition’ now available for $2.99

The gameplay is quite simple. On a floating island featuring a fascinating set of race tracks and obstacle courses, you and three other players will take part in a series of mini-games. Players should watch their step though, as sliding off the edge of the platform is always a risk. This is especially important to remember when you’re falling behind on the leaderboards.

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“Sky Games Extended Edition” can be a very fun gift for the upcoming holidays. The simple gameplay mechanics it features can make it easy for people who are not familiar with Nintendo Switch games to grasp the fun experience of the console. Take advantage of this latest discount from the Nintendo Store. “Sky Games Extended Edition” is now available for sale at a discount of 85%.

Not only that, purchasing the game within this sale window will include a bundle of 6,000 in-game currency, allowing players to unlock all available characters within the game. Players can now put on the gloves, stun opponents, collect balloons, and fly around with the lovable characters the game features.

How to play the game

This multiplayer arcade game available to play on Nintendo Switch is a party game that can allow up to 4 players. This game features a platform that displays almost the same landscape art and palette as those of Nintendo’s “Mario Kart” and “Kirby” franchises.

Its engaging gameplay and fun-looking playable avatars provide hours of entertainment for friends and family. “Sky Games” can also be played in its challenging single player mode.

The game also features 20 unique maps with different difficulty levels and attractive platform themes. These levels are also randomly generated to ensure a variety of gameplay and also to make it more challenging for you and your friends. This extended version of the game adds additional game modes, such as a minigame about eliminating the weakest player in sumo wrestling style.

As said a while ago, the game will feature a ton of cool characters that can also be customized with nearly a hundred unlockable visual add-ons. Now grab the game for less than $3 and get access to tons of power-ups to make the game more competitive and fun.

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