Nintendo Download June 1, 2023

After one of Nintendo’s most successful months, The Big N is back with its weekly eShop fix. From a trio of RPG classics, a prisoner simulation to a Namco classic, this is Nintendo’s download for June 1, 2023!

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection

He Etrian Odyssey The role-playing game series debuted on the Nintendo DS in the late 2000s. Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection compiles the first 3 entries, complete with an HD graphical overhaul. Since these titles originated on the Nintendo DS, they will feature Nintendo Switch touchscreen compatibility. This includes plotting your way through the game’s mazes by drawing and using the provided icons to mark specific locations and plots of interest. Fans eager to play through these remasters can get excited, as Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is available today!


With the gaming landscape shifting to triple-A quality releases, it’s getting rare to see narrative-driven 2D platformers. Night stars former soldier Ardeshir on a journey to determine the cause of the mysterious fog that blankets his home island and find out what happened to his family. This action-adventure will feature tight platforming and tough combat, revolving around Ardeshir’s enduring flame. Night releases on June 7.

Arcade Archives ROLLING THUNDER 2

Many retro classics seem to be locked into retro hardware. This is especially the case with many releases from the ’80s and early ’90s. That’s where Hamster is at. game files the series comes into play; releasing many ports of retro arcade releases. His latest release is Arcade Archives ROLLING THUNDER 2, brings the older arcade and Sega Genesis locked run-and-gunner to contemporary consoles. While the game saw a Virtual Console re-release of the Genesis version, this is the first time the arcade version has been available outside of arcades. Get ready to take down the secret organization NEOGELDRA, as Arcade Archives ROLLING THUNDER 2 is available today!

prison simulator

Have you ever wondered what prison life is like? In prison simulator Players take on the role of a prison guard in this first-person simulator. Will you obey the laws and rules of the administrations, or will you bend to the satisfaction of the inmates? Just one month before the promotion, your actions will determine what type of guard you will become. prison simulator drops on June 2!

Delta Protodroid

In the solarpunk world, artificial intelligence and humanity coexist, yet AI is constantly being challenged. Android model DeLTA goes on a quest to show the world how powerful she is. Delta Protodroid sees players jumping and gunning their way through classic-inspired 3D platforming environments. protodium delta is available now!

Here’s what’s heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop this week:

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