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Nintendo Download |  beacon pines

Well folks, today is a good day to be a Nintendo fan! Nintendo’s download for 9/22/22 is not only full of standout titles, but they’re all really solid games, bar none. Plus there’s the usual Game Guide savings, a new publisher sale, a special offer for Pikmin 3 Deluxe, digital darlings and more to see. Let’s start with a new innovative adventure from Yacht Club Games.

dig deeper

Nintendo Download |  Shovel Knight Excavation

As a fan of the series, I am very happy with Shovel Knight Excavation. It’s a near perfect marriage of platforming mechanics and rogue challenge, and feels completely like a shovel knight play. If you want proof, check out HPP’s review of the game. But that’s not all for featured titles! you can also pick up Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collectionor break the fourth wall with OneShot: World Machine Edition. If you prefer exciting melodies, you can try the Taiko no Tatsujin: Festival of Rhythm. Last but not least, fans of beloved adventures with a heart can finally see Sayo on Nintendo Switch very soon! Oh, and if you like discounts on games, you can buy Pikmin 3 Deluxe with a 30% discount in the eShop or My Nintendo Store, if you only buy it before 9/25. That’s a great start, but let’s continue with a special sale for publishers.

One shot, one editor

Nintendo Download |  OneShot WME

Square Enix offers great deals courtesy of TGS Sale. It lasts one more week, until 9/29. While there are too many games to list them all, the following are some of the highlights. Those include the following: revival of actresses, The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story, chocobo gp, Chocobo Mystery Dungeon Every Friend!, Final Fantasy Legend SaGa Collection, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, I am setuna, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, lost spear, Neo: The world ends with you., romance saga 3, Speleologist party!, Voice of the Cards: The Island Dragon Roars Y World of Final Fantasy Maxima. To see all the details and the list of games, just click here.

Savings Party

Nintendo Download |  Taiko no Tatsujin Rhythm Festival

But wait, there are more savings in the Game Guide! For puzzle games with a twist, try time crack for $7.49. For the new retro age, there is Thunder Kid II: Null Mission for $5.59. Strategy fans can enjoy defend the tower for $8.99. Or for a crazy adventure, try Kraken Academy!! for $8.99. And for a challenging and atmospheric deck builder, try Morihisa Castle for $8.99.

disconcerting discounts

Nintendo Download |  Puzzle Battler Mirai

Don’t go yet, here are more discounts. For an action-packed adventure, try hunter x for $12.74. Fans of procedural content can check out Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX for $14.39. To grab a slice and chop up some foot soldiers, try TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge for $19.99. Or for a morbidly twisted tale of woe, try my lovely wife for $11.99. Lastly, for a survival experience, try Don’t starve together for $11.99.

strange delights

Nintendo Download |  life is strange abc

Before you go, here are some digital titles worth checking out. First off, fans of the retro-adjacent can try these: Wizard Pursuit: Lost Curry Recipe, Puzzle fighter! look, QUBE 10th Anniversary Y Vengeance Roar. History fans can try beacon pines Y Piofore: Episode 1926. For lots of classic fun, try Classic Games Collection Vol.2. Or to take a cold one with an older god, try Pub Cthulhu. Puzzle fans can try Moncage Y SLICE. While fans of chill vibes can try hokko life Y potion permit. If you prefer more action, try moon markings, There is no place for bravery Y spiderheck. For a good old fashioned strategy, try dragons game Y space raiders in space. For something completely strange, there is BIRFIA. Or for role-playing fun, try The DioField Chronicle Y The legend of heroes: trails from scratch. To feel the air rush under your wings, try DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Kingdoms. And to help a little mouse save the day, try The spirit and the mouse.

furry friend

Nintendo Download |  The spirit and the mouse

There you go. A pretty good week for the Nintendo download, I’d say. Thanks for tuning in to HPP for your weekly dose of Nintendo fun and check back next week!

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