Next Assassin’s Creed Game Rumored To Have An Unexpected Scenario

Honestly, some of those rumored features sound amazing and would, in theory, help blend new and old elements of assassin’s Creed game design. Of course, many video game rumors are worth as much as a dead battery. In this case, though, it’s very worth noting that some of these rumors are backed up, at least partially, by respected Bloomberg investigative reporter Jason Schreier. Schreier has not only previously reported on some of the assassin’s Creed 2023 details included in that recent leak, but he even chimed in on that summary of j0nathan’s report to shed some light on what details may (or may not) be true:

So while it sounds like that report may not be entirely accurate (at least based on what Schreier was able to learn at this point), the core components of that leak still paint a fascinating picture. Despite the recent commercial successes of the franchise, it really does sound like the next big thing. assassin’s Creed the game will step back a bit and maybe try to cut back on some of the franchise’s recent gaming glut. As mentioned above, that potential Baghdad scenario is also a bit of a surprise. While some fans have speculated that the next AC The game could go back to the Middle East, that really hasn’t been one of the most popular theories/setting requests.

Still, there’s obviously a ton of historical ground next AC The game could explore during that time that we haven’t seen before in the franchise. More importantly, it also makes sense for the next game to revisit the original. assassin’s Creed The setting of the game in the Middle East (albeit in a different country and time period, which are two very important factors) since it could also feel closer to the previous one assassin’s Creed games from a gaming perspective. So while it seems like a lot of fans are still holding out hope for that feudal Japan assassin’s Creed game, it’s hard not to be excited by this somewhat unexpected twist.

As always, we will let you know once these rumors are officially confirmed or denied. For now, though, it really does feel like we’re starting to get an idea of ​​what to expect from the next entry in a franchise that’s never afraid to shake things up once in a while.

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