New Switch Games Releasing This Week (September 26)

A busy week on the eShop sees the release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, Tunic, Paw Patrol, and many more new games.

It’s another busy week on the Nintendo eShop as the calendar gets updated and the store gets its weekly update of new games. What’s new this week on Nintendo Switch? Plenty, and there are some real gems to behold.

Tunic is finally moving away from its PC and Xbox exclusivity, bringing with it a very Nintendo-like allure. Tunic is an isometric action-adventure game heavily inspired by Nintendo’s own Zelda series, making it a perfect fit for the hybrid console.

RELATED: New PS5 & PS4 Games Releasing This Week (September 26-30)Younger gamers bored of playing the same tracks in Mario Kart 8 are sure to enjoy PAW Patrol: Grand Prix, which sees Jake and the pups roll around in their very own Mario Kart-inspired racer.


While FIFA players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will be starting FIFA 23 with a pang of dread this year (it’s EA’s last FIFA before the license is handed over elsewhere), Nintendo gamers probably won’t be as bothered. ; FIFA 23 is another “legacy edition” for the console. This means it will play the same as last year’s release, but with updated rosters, kits, and stadiums. To be fair, this year’s Legacy Edition also comes with the inclusion of women’s leagues, which is a nice touch. Hopefully, the next FIFA brand manager will give Nintendo gamers a little more reason to get excited.

New Nintendo Switch Games Available This Week (September 26-October 2)

Monday, September 26

Tuesday, September 27

  • The legend of heroes: trails from scratch
  • Sayo
  • Life in Willowdale: Adventures on the Farm
  • Gunvolt Chronicles Avenger iX 2 – Visitors from another world
  • hokko life
  • penko park

Wednesday, September 28

  • Frogice
  • Top tip: Don’t fall!
  • QUBE 10th Anniversary

Thursday, September 29

  • Touhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memories
  • Hexceed: Rimor (DLC)
  • Let’s build a zoo
  • Despot Game: Dystopian Army Builder
  • Funtasia
  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
  • Casual Challenge Players Club
  • Let’s Build a Zoo: Dinosaur Island
  • Crossroads Inn: A Fantasy Tavern Simulator
  • martian panic
  • bullet soul
  • Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst
  • Shirone: the dragon girl
  • Treasures of the Roman Empire
  • Scapegoat
  • host 714
  • dungeon
  • moon dancer
  • Charles
  • burger patrol
  • Dorfantik
  • post empty
  • fashion friends
  • voodoo detective
  • Picross S 8

Friday, September 30

  • Lemon cake
  • shotgun farmers
  • FIFA 23: Legacy Edition
  • Blade Assault
  • airheart
  • Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy
  • bunny park
  • PAW Patrol: Grand Prix
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris
  • 9 tracks 2: the room

Saturday, October 1

  • Mission 1985
  • hazel hex
  • dinogotchi

Sunday, October 2

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