New Saturday Lifetime Movies (September 24)

Not one, but three new Lifetime movies premiere on the network tonight! revenge for my mother, die for a CrownY Nightmare in the hall passage will air back-to-back, so get your popcorn ready and a host of other snacks.

This triple feature will keep your Saturday night suspenseful as the films take you through twisted stories, risky decisions and leave their characters teetering on the brink of danger.

Clearly, Lifetime wants September to go full blast before settling on the October slate, which begins with Gabby Petit’s story. Here’s a rundown of every movie opening tonight, including their release times, synopses, and cast.

New Saturday Lifetime Movies

Revenge for My Mother Lifetime Release Time

first is revenge for my mother which premieres Saturday, September 24 at 6 pm ET on Lifetime. The movie won’t air again on Sunday, September 25, so if you miss it, you’ll have to stream it the next day on

What is My Mother’s Revenge about?

This TV-14 movie follows a postnatal fitness instructor named Audrey. Her seemingly perfect world is filled with mothers and her cute babies, but she is interrupted by the new assistant she hires. The assistant seeks revenge, and it is her madness that brings the murder into Audrey’s orbit.

Revenge for my mother cast

  • Sami Nye as Audrey
  • Janet Carter as Jane
  • Gabrielle Fernandes as Fiona
  • Garon Grigsby as Dr. Rodgers
  • Kennedy C. Hall as Officer Evans
  • Jerry Hernandez as Officer Cortez
  • Anzu Lawson as Rebecca
  • Bobby Marchesso as Gavin
  • Aurelia Ruiz as Kelcie
  • Taylor Joree Scorse as Brooklyn
  • Jason Tobias as Matt

Cast time of Die for a crown for life

The film opens at 8 pm ET and will re-air on Sunday, September 25 at 12:01 am Check out a sneak peek of the film here.

What is Dying for a Crown about?

die for a crown, which is based on true events, follows the mother-daughter duo, Lydia and Elle Campbell. The two are new to Florida after leaving Los Angeles under mysterious circumstances. They are both adjusting to their new lives at Bellview High, where Lydia is the vice principal and Elle is a senior. Together, they strive to make their lives the best they can be. And, during the Homecoming season, that means securing the crown for Elle by any means necessary.

Dying for a cast of Crown

  • Jennifer Tito as Lydia Campbell
  • Catharine Daddario as Elle Campbell
  • Laura W. Johnson as Principal Alice
  • Jevon White as Steven
  • Molly Hargrave as Kate Wheeler
  • Andre Haskett as Parker
  • Darby Breedlove as Becca
  • James Arthur Douglas as Ben
  • Amelia still as Stephanie
  • Adam Shimberg as Baker
  • Abraham Sosa as Dean
  • Caroline Knight as young Lydia Campbell

Hall Pass Nightmare Lifetime Release Time

Nightmare in the hall passage premieres at 10:03 pm ET on Lifetime. The movie will air again on Sunday, September 25 at 2:04 am Like the other movies, you’ll also be able to stream it on on Sunday. See a preview, here.

What is Hall Pass Nightmare about?

The film follows Carrie, a woman who becomes involved with Dante, a musician with a bad boy attitude. The two meet on Carrie’s work trip and that’s where she planned to leave Dante, but it seems he’s not just a musician, he’s a stalker. She is now caught in a tangled web that could prove dangerous if she can’t shake Dante’s affections.

Hall Pass Nightmare cast

  • Andrea Bowen as Carrie Palmer
  • Matt Magnusson as Dante Jones
  • Gib Gerard as Justin Butler
  • April Nelson as Lexi
  • Kacy Owens as Brenda
  • Alan Pietruszewski as Quinn
  • Maya Goodwin as Detective Lee
  • Jane Papageorge as Marilyn
  • Ryan Sturz as Andrew
  • Katie Amanda Keane as Katie
  • Ciarra Carter as Beth

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