New PS Plus predictions for September 2022 and two games coming soon

There are no free PS Plus September 2022 game leaks yet, but there are some really exciting predictions about what could be announced, in the meantime there are two titles leaving the PlayStation Extra and Premium service very soon.

August has been a good month for PlayStation subscribers. The essential games are Yakuza Like a Dragon, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2Y little nightmares. In addition to these great experiences, the August 2022 Extra and Premium additions include more Yakuza With Metro Exodus, Dead by Daylight, Ghost Reconand much more.

While it’s been a brilliant month for subscribers, everyone expects Sony to continue to deliver amazing experiences for every subscription level.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered | PC launch trailer



Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered | PC launch trailer





When will the free PS Plus games for September 2022 be announced?

The PS Plus free games reveal date for September 2022 is August 31.

Sony’s PlayStation Blog post for August 2022 confirms that the release date for the next batch of freebies is September 6. Upcoming giveaways are traditionally announced on the last Wednesday before launch, but it has rarely happened on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or even Friday.

Be sure to download the current essential freebies while they’re available. Yakuza as a dragon It is a wonderful experience and one of the best Yakuza games in the meantime little nightmares it is an atmospheric experience that can be completed in a single session. Y Tony Hawk Pro Skater It’s as good as we all remember it from childhood.

PS Plus September 2022 Predictions

One of our top predictions for the free PS Plus games of September 2022 is the Tomorrow Kids Phoenix Edition.

This is a game that will be released on September 6, which is the same day that the next batch of PlayStation freebies come out. It is not available for pre-order from the PSN store, and the children of tomorrow it already existed on PlayStation before 2016 as an early access experience.

Apart from the children of tomorrowour other prediction is biomutant. This seems unlikely as it’s already part of PS Plus Premium as a trial, but a new version of PS5 will come out on September 6. PlayStation Portal has predicted the Pokemon-like MMO, themebut this seems unlikely as it’s available to pre-order from the PSN store for £34.99.

Our new and most hopeful guess is the lovely animal crossing new horizons-is that Disney Valley of Dreamlight. The odds seem extremely slim, but it could possibly happen as Early Access comes out on September 6, joins Game Pass, and you can’t pre-order a Founder’s Pack on the PSN store at time of writing.

As for others’ predictions, there’s a lot of delicious guesswork on Reddit. The gang it is a popular guess to go from Extra and Premium to Essential, while many are guessing the last of us part 2 simply for the remake part 1 Launching on September 2.

house of ashes is another smart guess like the devil in me was just shown at Gamescom, it comes out in November, and house of ashes it is the only installment of Dark Pictures that is not in PS Plus Extra.

It’s hard to make another educated guess due to the number of PS4/PS5 games that already exist in Extra and Premium. we can guess watchdogs 2 for PS Plus Extra and Premium because more Ubisoft+ games join, and WD2 it is not available yet even though it already exists on Game Pass. Let’s also guess Immortals Fenyx Rising it will join in mid-September because it’s another Ubisoft+ game and it’s coming to Game Pass on August 30.

We will update this article if any leaks emerge.

Two free games coming out of PS Plus Extra and Premium are WRC 10 Y NBA 2K22 on August 31.

Countdown over, red dead redemption 2 it will also leave PlayStation Extra and Premium on September 20. this is a month before red dead redemption 1 Y nightmare of the walking dead departure on October 17.

It is a huge shame that red dead redemption 2 it’s leaving as it’s one of the best games of all time so make sure you play it while it’s available.

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