New Global Engagement Leader for UH Manoa

brent white

Brent White has been appointed inaugural Assistant Chancellor for Global Engagement at the University of Hawaii in Manoah. His appointment was announced at the ooh Meeting of the Board of Regents on May 18 and will take effect on June 15, 2023.

As vice provost for global engagement and senior international officer, White will lead the strategic positioning necessary to move forward ooh Manoa’s work on the international stage.

White is currently the provost and vice president for academic affairs at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California, one of the oldest private universities in California.

“We are pleased to welcome Brent to ooh Manoa to serve in this inaugural position of vice chancellor,” said ooh Manoa Rector Michael Bruno. “His executive experience and 16 years in global affairs will drive our campus global engagement agenda forward and create a strategic approach that will benefit our campus units and the community through effective partnerships and collaborations with national and international institutions and organizations.”

White will lead all aspects of global engagement for the campus, a critical position for ooh Manoa’s future in higher education and its financial sustainability in terms of tuition income, scholarships, and stature. will also work with ooh System leaders as appropriate to increase global connectivity and stature of both ooh Manoah and in general ooh System.

“I am excited to join the ooh Manoah team and attend the ooh Provost of Manoah and ooh President with all aspects of our global commitment, for the benefit of ooh Manoa, as well as the greatest ooh,” he said. “This opportunity to build on our current international programs, combined with approaches to diversity, equity and inclusion, will strengthen oohHawaii’s strategic position in the Pacific and Asia as a globally engaged Native Hawaiian place of learning.”

The Global Engagement Office promotes programs, initiatives, and collaborations across organizations, nations, and cultures. Global Engagement offices consist of Immigration Services for Faculty and Academics, International Student Services, Manoa International Exchange, National Student Exchange, and the Center for Study Abroad.

More about White

Previously, White was an executive professor and tenured law officer at the University of Arizona (AU) for more than 16 years, including nearly nine in administrative and executive positions. He has served as vice president of global affairs, dean of global locations, vice provost for international education, and CEO of Arizona Global Operations.

In these roles, White was an exceptional leader in developing and managing international programs and activities in AU. He founded and directed AU‘s Global Microcampus Network, where students can earn a dual degree from AU and partner universities in 13 global locations, and could access AU grades and courses. He also served as associate dean for global programs and initiatives at the James E. Rogers School of Law, where he led the development of the nation’s first law degree.

White has served as legal director at Hawaii for the American Civil Liberties Union, where she fought for civil rights in the state before transitioning to academia, where her beliefs in diversity, equity, and inclusion remain strong.

White has a AB in public policy from Duke University and a JD from New York University School of Law.