Netizens were shocked when Florida mother’s car with two children inside caught fire while she shoplifted from an Orlando retail store

A Florida mother of two was shoplifting from a department store when her car caught fire with the two children trapped inside. The suspect’s name is reportedly Alice Moore and she is 24 years old. The robbery incident occurred at the Dillard’s department store in the Oviedo Shopping Center on May 26, 2023.

Alice was already arrested on May 31, 2023 and charged with aggravated child neglect and arson, along with petty theft and assault. She was taken to the Seminole County Jail and is being held on $48,000 bond.

Florida woman was shoplifting when her car with 2 children inside caught fire

While the news has gone viral on social media platforms, the public has reacted to the incident. One of them said that karma reacted quickly and extremely.

@DailyLoud Karma was too fast and extreme this time. I do not like that. Innocent children didn’t have to be involved in this.

Netizens react to woman’s car burning outside department store in Florida

Alice Moore’s car was on fire outside Dillard’s department store in Florida while she shoplifted inside. Police revealed that the car was destroyed in the fire and that one of the children suffered burns to his face and ears. As soon as the news went viral, netizens reacted on Twitter.

Netizens reacted to the incident on Twitter (Image via DailyLoud/Twitter)
Netizens reacted to the incident on Twitter (Image via DailyLoud/Twitter)
Netizens reacted to the incident on Twitter (Image via DailyLoud/Twitter)
Netizens reacted to the incident on Twitter (Image via DailyLoud/Twitter)

Alice first arrived outside the store along with her children, parked her car, and a man escorted her inside. According to reports, she began to steal items inside her, but the identity of the person who was with her has not yet been revealed.

He left the store after an hour and discovered that his car had caught fire. The cause of the fire remains unknown. According to reports, she Alice dropped everything she took inside the store and ran to the car. Eyewitnesses who saw the car on fire also rushed to the scene and tried to save the children inside the car.

Video of the burning car was also captured on a camera fitted in the parking lot. It shows the car’s rear windows and front windshield shattering as flames and smoke billow from the vehicle.

Florida has witnessed an increase in shoplifting incidents since early 2023

The latest shoplifting incident at Dillard’s department store is not the first in Florida. In April 2023, a woman named Suhayra Whitley was arrested for being involved in years of shoplifting throughout South Florida.

Whitley’s arrest occurred after a robbery incident at a Pubix store in Coconut Creek in 2022, and while police were investigating the matter, they went to the residence of a man named Joel Almonte after finding evidence that he was driving his Dodge Caravan. from the store. .

Police reports revealed that Whitley was Almonte’s ex-girlfriend, with the latter claiming that they have been robbing different stores since 2019 and returning the goods for gift cards. They then sold the gift cards at pawn shops for cash and used them to buy drugs.

In another case, a man named Alexander Owen Manina allegedly used a stroller with a fake doll in it to steal merchandise from a Walmart store. However, he was caught in a parking lot and arrested.

According to the Flagler Beach Police Department, shoplifting incidents have been on the rise in Florida since 2021, and the number was higher in 2022. Some store owners also revealed that they deal with these types of incidents on a daily basis.