Netflix’s Next Movie Seriously Feels Like Shadow of the Colossus

Trolla Norwegian monster movie directed by Uthaug Roar (Director of tomb Raider) and written by the Norwegian writer Espen Aukan (writer of vikingulven) that will arrive in December on Netflix, is compared with that of Sony Computer Entertainment shadow of the colossus.

The film stars Ine Marie Wilmann as Nora (known for her role in Sonja: the white swan in 2018), Kim Falck as Andreas (known for his role in Cold Dam III in 2010), Mads Sjøgård Pettersen as Kristoffer (known for his role in Cave 2016), and Gard Eidsvold as Tobias (known for his role in In order of disappearance in 2014).

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Troll: Netflix's Next Movie Seriously Feels Like Shadow of the Colossus

the synopsis of Troll state:

“Deep in Dovre Mountain, something gigantic awakens after being trapped for a thousand years. Destroying everything in its path, the creature quickly approaches the capital of Norway (Oslo). But how do you stop something you thought only existed in Norwegian folklore?

How does someone the size of a human fight against a threat as colossal as a troll the size of a mountain that is now on the move and heading straight for their homes? One can only think that there will be a lot of escalation involved, maybe not even to fight the threat, but to understand the threat they are facing.

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youtube video

Colossal trolls from Norwegian folklore

Many fans mentioned that the Troll The trailer and the promotional poster of Netflix give great shadow of the colossus vibes, and we can’t help but agree. Norwegian myths surrounding trolls describe trolls as inhabitants of isolated areas such as the rocks, mountains and caves of the Norwegian wilderness who live together, either alone or in small family units that are either known to be hostile or rarely useful for humans.

Trolls aren’t often described as being the size of mountains, so it’s amazing to see a new take on mythology this way. It definitely has nods towards impressive. shadow of the colossus whose colossi are usually made of rock and stone, covered with moss from years without moving.

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The game

Shadow of the Colossus review: An emotional minimalist experience

shadow of the colossus is a 2005 action-adventure game developed by Japan Studio & Team Ico and published on the PlayStation 2. The game’s synopsis is: “A young man takes his deceased love to a forbidden land inhabited by colossal beings said to harbor the power to revive the dead.” In the game, you play as the young Wander, and you have to fight against all the colossi of the forbidden lands, often climbing to defeat the enemy that is much bigger than the human we play.

Featuring beautiful settings that were way before their time for a PlayStation 2 game and a wonderful score by composer Kow Otani, this game has been a popular part of pop culture since its initial release in 2005 and has received many accolades, including BAFTA Games Awards. for Artistic Achievement and Action & Adventure.

Do you see the similarities between upcoming Netflix movies? Troll movie and shadow of the colossus?

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