Netflix reveals new games coming in October 2022

As usual, Netflix has officially announced its list of movies and TV series coming to the streaming service and leaving it this coming October. Lately, the monthly list also includes a list of mobile video games that will be added to Netflix. In total, Netflix has presented three new video games that will arrive in October 2022 for mobile users.

More specifically, Netflix has revealed that He got over it! Baking Bash, Spiritfarer, Y Hello Kitty Happiness Parade are set to join the subscription service in the near future. However, all three are notably listed as “Coming Soon” with no definite release dates announced. While some people may be interested in playing a video game adaptation of the popular He got over it! Serie, spiritual traveler is definitely the main title here as it was well received when it was initially released for consoles and PC in 2020.

You can check out the full description of the three video games coming to Netflix in October 2022, directly from Netflix, below:

He got over it! baking party

  • Description: “Calling all home bakers! Throw a party for your friends to see who can create the prettiest or worst cakes in this game based on the hit series.”

spiritual traveler

  • Description: “You are a ferry captain going to the afterlife. Build a boat to explore, then take care of the spirits before releasing them to the afterlife in this moving game.”

Hello Kitty Happiness Parade

  • Description: “Put on a big show with Hello Kitty and her friends. Make new allies and rely on your skills to avoid the traps that may rain down on your parade!”

As noted above, He got over it! Baking Bash, SpiritfarerY Hello Kitty Happiness Parade are coming to Netflix in October 2022. More generally, the games on Netflix are available globally on Android and iOS devices and players can find the various games in their respective app stores to download with the addition of the Netflix app itself. . It’s unclear when exactly the video games will be released on Netflix, as they’re simply listed as “Coming Soon,” but it seems to indicate that they’ll all be released sometime next month. You can check out all of our previous Netflix coverage here.

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