Netflix K-Drama Series ‘Mask Girl’: Everything We Know So Far

mask girl netflix kdrama series everything we know so far

Image: Netflix

mask girl is the upcoming South Korean Netflix Original thriller television show directed by Kim Yong Hoon and based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name. No release date has been officially announced, though we hear it’s planned for August 2023.

The webtoon the series is based on is listed as 18+, making it intended for adults only. It is unclear if the K-drama adaptation will retain the rating to appeal to a larger audience or if it will remain faithful and keep the same themes.

Director kim yong hoonbest known for his feature debut, Beasts scratching straws, is on board to direct the entire series. House of Impression and Bon Factory are the main production companies behind the title.

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When is the mask girl Netflix season 1 release date?

Netflix has yet to officially announce a release date for mask girl season 1 yet. In their Korean slate reveal, they gave the series a broad release date of Q3 2023.

We are currently listening to Netflix launch the series on August 18, 2023. However, that date is subject to change.

What is the plot of Girl in the mask?

In January 2023, Netflix provided as part of its 2023 announcement list for its Korean lineup a new synopsis which is as follows:

“Mask Girl is a story about Kim Mo-mi, an ordinary office worker during the day who feels insecure about her appearance, and a live broadcaster at night who covers her face with a mask as she gets wrapped up in a mask. in an unforeseen incident and is subjected to a dramatic turn of events. The original webtoon of the same title on which the series is based was loved by many readers for its unpredictable twists, scathing messages about lookism, and the natural cross between thriller and black comedy.”

Who are the cast members of mask girl?

Actress Go Hyun Jung will be playing the lead role of Kim Mo Mi. This will be the second original for Hyun Jung, who previously starred in the 2021 k-drama. reflection of you.

Go Hyun Jung Monthly Featured Movies

Go Hyun Jung (left) and her role as Jung Hee Joo in Reflection of You (right)

It is a Netflix Original debut for Nana, the former member of the K-Pop group, After School.

mask girl netflix k drama thriller season 1 lullaby

Nana, K-Pop artist

Ahn Jae Hong already made his debut in a Netflix original when he had a guest role as a royal official in the second season of Kingdom. Her role as Joo Oh Nam will be her first lead role for Netflix.

mask girl netflix k drama thriller season 1 ahn jae hong

Ahn Jae Hong (left) and his guest role in Kingdom season 2 (right)

Yeom Hye Ran has already starred in some extremely popular k-dramas on Netflix. She recently had guest appearances on alchemy of souls, juvenile justiceand hospital playlist. The actress has also had supporting roles in mystic popup bar, When the Camellia Bloomsand Chocolate. She is also one of the protagonists of the mysterious accountant.

mask girl netflix k drama thriller season 1 yeom hye ran

Yeom Hye Ran (left) and her role as Chu Mae Ok in The Uncanny Counter (right)

As for Choi Daniel, he is best known for his work in k-drama. the ghost detectivebut he had a guest appearance in the Netflix k-drama It is good not to be good.

mask girl netflix k drama thriller season 1 choi daniel

Choi Daniel in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (left) and Ghost Detective (right)

Below are the confirmed cast members of mask girl:

Role cast member
Kim Mo-mi Go Hyun Jung
Kim Mo-mi lullaby
joo oh nam ahn jae hong
Kim Kyung-ha Yeom Hye Ran
to be confirmed choy daniel

Lee Jun-young, according to Naver, will also have a special appearance in the series.

We will add the names of the supporting and guest cast members once the information has been revealed.

What is the episode count?

mydramalist has reported an episode count of 7. The runtimes for the episodes have yet to be revealed.

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