Nancy Drew PC Games by Season

Nancy Drew PC games were a big part of my life for years. Since I discovered them around the year 2000 until 2015, two games were released each year, one in winter and one in summer. Since then, only one game has been released, but I live in hope that more are on the way. And until then, I can replay the thirty-plus existing games whenever I feel like it.

If you too would like to (re)play these wonderfully detailed and educational Nancy Drew games, you can play them in order, or you can switch things up by playing according to the season – the games aren’t so closely connected that I’ll get too confused this way. , I promise. The company behind the games, HeR Interactive, encourages this to some extent, putting up “winter” and “summer” game bundles for sale. I didn’t look at these packs before making my selections, but instead chose to categorize the games in whatever way seemed best to me. And I’ve also added categories for spring and fall, so now you can keep playing all year long!

Some of the selections were obvious, the one where you’re covered in snow in a castle turned ski resort is clearly winter, while others I ranked based on vibes rather than factual evidence. Feel free to arrange the playback order to suit your own taste, perception, and memory if you wish. The only thing that matters is that you have a good time!


cover The secret of the old clock

The secret of the old clock

Not only is it a symbolic spring, as this game is based on Nancy’s first adventures, but it takes place on a very nice sunny day. Perfect for miniature golf!

tornado trail

In the US, tornado season is usually from March to June, so this is definitely a spring game.

the haunted carousel

I used to go to Disney World in May, so this amusement park-centric game makes me think of spring.

labyrinth of lies

The myth of Hades and Persephone takes center stage (literally!) in this game, set in a Greek museum. Since spring is traditionally when Persephone returns to his mother Demeter, that’s the season this game makes me think of.

Cover of The Phantom of Venice

the ghost of venice

I guess it’s nice to visit Venice in spring. And one of the songs that plays in the background as you walk through the city is the part of “Primavera” by Vivaldi. The four Seasons.

Hazard by Design

This one is in the Spring section for the silly reason that it’s set in Paris, and the first thing I think of when I think of Paris is a line from an old song: “The last time I saw Paris, its trees were dressed for spring… ”

Legend of the Crystal Skull

We have an exact date for this game in New Orleans: May 31. It’s technically spring, but it would be a good choice for summer too!


The Secret of the Shadow Ranch

Brave triple-digit temperatures to catch a saboteur and his ghostly horse, and pick vegetables for the ranch’s picky cook. (Seriously, bring too many underripe vegetables and it’s game over.)

The Curse of Castle Malloy

One of your tasks in this game is to pick flowers for a friend’s wedding bouquet. Most of these flowers bloom in late spring or summer, making this game set in a half-destroyed Irish castle a likely or definite summer game.

Rescue of the Seven Ships

What better way to spend the summer than sailing and swimming in the Bahamas?! Okay, the fact that your best friend is gone is a little depressing…

The shattered medallion

I’ll be honest and say that this is the only Nancy Drew game that I didn’t really like. BUT it has a nice summery feel to it as you tour New Zealand as a reality show contestant.

The Kapu Cave Creature

You and the Hardy Boys can roam the jungles and beaches of Hawaii collecting shells, fishing, and identifying local insects and plant life. Oh, and something about a legendary monster and a dying pineapple crop?

The Secret of the Scarlet Hand cover

Secret of the Scarlet Hand

The focus on the ancient Mayans, who inhabited tropical climates, prompted me to put this one in the Summer category.

Shadow on the water’s edge

Spend your summer vacation teaching English to Japanese kids… and being SUPER haunted by a ghost at the ryokan you’re staying at. (The voice actor’s accent can be the scariest thing of all…)

ghosts of thornton hall cover

Ghost of Thornton Hall

During a steamy night in the Deep South, Nancy exposes dangerous family secrets, including exactly the kind of secrets you’d expect a powerful southern family to have.

Danger on Deception Island

Summer is the perfect time to help a lost orca off the coast of Washington State! You can also go kayaking and learn about whales in a museum dedicated to them.

alibi in ashes

In this game, Nancy spends most of her time in jail, so her friends have to investigate (and eat lots of ice cream) in her hometown of River Heights.

the silent spy

Spend a summer in Scotland, where Nancy discovers deadly secrets about her deceased mother and plunges into the world of espionage!

Ghost Dogs of the Moon Lake

The trees are all green in this one, but somehow the rustic cabin you stay in evokes a feeling of fall for me.

Be alert to danger

TV season traditionally starts in the fall, so that’s where I’m putting this game, in which Nancy investigates death threats being made against an egotistical soap opera star.

the ending scene

You spend the entire game inside a dilapidated theater, looking for a kidnapped friend. Something about the once grand and ramshackle old place gives me fall vibes.

Cover of The Captive Curse

the captive curse

Everyone in this game, including Nancy, is dressed like it’s Oktoberfest (which is in Septembervielen Dank!), so this one belongs here. While you can wander through some spooky woods, most of the time you’re in an old German castle on the prowl for a monster with a necklace fetish.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor

This vaguely reminds me of The Hound of the Baskervilles — Creepy English mansion, spectral beasts, etc. — and since that book was set in October, this game should be, too.

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