Nadine Ellis, Porsche Coleman and others to star in BET+ Christmas movie

The Christmas Applause is the latest addition to BET+’s enchanting collection of holiday special movies. The long-awaited holiday movie is set to make its debut exclusively on the popular streaming platform on Friday, November 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Joy Kecken and Christopher Oscar Pena are writing the new film, while Robin Givens is directing it. Stargazer has produced The Christmas Applause.

The movie will feature popular names like Nadine Ellis, Candace Maxwell, and Porsche Coleman among others. Without further ado, let’s dig in and take a closer look at the main cast list for The Christmas Applause before his arrival on BET+.

List of main actors for The Christmas Applause explored prior to film debut on BET+

Nadine Ellis as Kira

Talented actress Nadine Ellis is set to play the lead role of Kira in the upcoming BET+ Christmas movie, The Christmas Applause. She is popular for her portrayal of the character Farrah Hightower in the 2021 TV movie. christmas for saleLacey in the 2020 TV series stuck with youGeorgina in the 2021 TV series country comfort, and Teresa Graham in the 2020 film Influence.

Nadine Ellis has also been a major part of several other notable movies, TV movies, and TV series, including Our Kind of People, All American, Warrior of Eight Flags, The Aerialist, Shameless, The Affair, Jane the Virgin, Iron Man 2, 500 Days of Summer, and many more.

Candace Maxwell as Jasmine

Renowned Caribbean-American model and actress Candace Maxwell will play the lead character Jasmine in the upcoming BET+ film Holiday. The celebrity is best known for playing the pivotal role of Jasmine in the 2019 television series. InsatiableCassandra Haynes in the 2019 TV series EnergyNaomi in the 2022 TV movie impostors, and DJ Dime in the 2021 TV series All the queen’s men.

Also, Candace Maxwell has been in a variety of movies, TV series, and TV movies like Katy Keene, Polaroid Stories, Bad Dad Rehab, Engaged, Bodies, The Boss, Footloose, and more.

Porsche Coleman as Tisha

The well-known American TV presenter, dancer, singer and actress Porsche Coleman is set to play the character of Tisha in The Christmas Applause.

She made a name for herself playing the character Gloria in the 2021 television series. Paradise CityMindy in the 2020 TV series good girlsSierra in the 2019 TV series Last call, and Sunny in the 2022 film Man eater.

Porsche Coleman has also been a part of several notable movies such as TV movies and TV series including living the lyrics, in court, basketball players, Anthem, You can’t fight Christmas, changed at birth, and several others.

A still from The Christmas Clapback (Image via BETNetworks/YouTube)
A still from The Christmas Clapback (Image via BETNetworks/YouTube)

In addition to Ellis, Coleman, and Maxwell, the film’s cast also includes Kara Royster, Brandon Sutton, Eltony Williams, Lisa Arrindell, and a few others.

The official synopsis for the film, given by BET, reads:

“Every year, the three Miles sisters, Jasmine, Kira and Tisha, battle it out against each other for the chance to win the neighborhood Christmas church cooking competition. But when Aaliyah, the vivacious social media influencer, enters the competition , sisters must choose to rise together or fall divided.”

don’t forget to look The Christmas Applausearriving Friday, November 25, 2022, exclusively on BET+.

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