My name is Karen. I have been active in Operation Safety Now since its inception. I was surprised when I felt the need to be a part of a group that focused on decreasing crime and wanting more police. 

I have lived in my south Minneapolis house for decades. I have enjoyed living there with wonderful neighbors and a feeling of safety. If crime happened, we’d work with staff at the police department and quickly stop it before it got out of hand.

Then last fall my bubble burst. On a Sunday night bullets came spraying into my living room. I now have a whole new perspective of the phrase “shots fired.” The bullets hit several of my neighbors houses as well. This scary event didn’t stop on that night. I relived the experience every day. I couldn’t get the sound of bullets hitting my radiator out of my mind. I also couldn’t forget the feeling of sheet rock spraying on my face. Then finding one of the bullets that landed a couple of inches from me. That was incredibly scary!

My neighborhood isn’t the only one experiencing an increase in crime – the whole city has. And the crimes are getting more violent. I was feeling powerless as to what could be done to bring back the city that I so enjoyed. 

At this point I was fortunate to see an email looking for people who were tired of the crime and the drastic cuts in police. For me the rest is history. Operation Safety Now has provided an outlet for those of us wanting our voices heard and to be part of a group working to change our city and the government that is responsible for the increase in crime and our police force being decimated.