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Deep Sea Mutant Serpent is a 2022 Chinese monster film about the titular creature that escapes from a research facility.

Directed by Wu Yang from a screenplay co-written with Ma Huaichang and Dina Hamiti. Produced by Yan Yutong and Bu Yi.

The film stars Li Zixiong, Luo Sang Qun Pei, Yang Kaidi, Zhao Yixin, Li Jiayi, Qiu Shijian, Jiang Yanxi, Chen Guiben, and Emir.


Plot Synopsis:
Qin Yu’s fiancée died while investigating the sinister Cass group. In order to successfully testify against this group in court, Qin Yu followed Jason, who had evidence of the group’s crimes, on a cruise ship, but was suddenly attacked by a group of mutated snakes.


By mistake, they visit the island where the Cass group conducts illegal experiments. The strange ecological environment of the island and the resurgence of giant snakes put Qin Yu and others in a desperate and deadly situation…


Deep Sea Mutant Serpent was released in China on August 27, 2022.

Original title:
深海蛇难 “Deep Sea Serpent Disaster”



Full Movie: Free To Watch Online [4K but no English subtitles]:

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