Murkowski: US and world must support Ukraine

Anchorage, Alaska (KINY) – US Senator Lisa Murkowski issued a statement today as it marks the one-year anniversary of the War in Ukraine.

“A year ago, the world watched in horror as tens of thousands of Russian troops attacked Ukraine, seeking to inflict unspeakable devastation on a free nation and on innocent people,” said Senator Murkowski.

“At risk is the loss of a fledgling democracy, the destabilization of the post-World War II global order, and a broader conflict involving more nations.”

“The Ukrainian people have sacrificed a lot and suffered great losses that will never be forgotten. Against all odds and expectations, you have stood your ground, your country and your democracy. Ukraine has taken the fight back to its Russian invaders, demonstrating the power of their unity and unwavering courage.”

“Despite Russia’s tremendous losses, Putin refuses to give up his bloody war. There is no reason to talk about his corrupt regime. So what we can and must do is continue to support Ukraine and its fight for freedom, and I’m proud to do that.”

“In the last year, countless Alaskans have reached out in their own way. From former Special Forces member Mark Hayward of Nome training Ukrainian troops in the field, to groups like the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute shipping thousands of pounds of canned salmon, to communities across the state welcoming hundreds of refugees, Alaskans are with Ukraine.”

“As the Russian attack continues, the need for Ukraine remains immense. We have a responsibility to support them, and we will, until they have prevailed and their citizens and their sovereignty are no longer under attack. The United States must continue our support and messages of strength, unity and hope: global democracy, and everything it stands for, depends on it.”

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