MultiVersus players remain hopeful for guest fighters after comments from WB Games boss

Multi Versus Players don’t have to look far for suggestions from other members of the community regarding what kinds of characters they’d like to see added to the game, and unsurprisingly, many of those requested fighters are ones that would be considered additions to the game. third parties. . Recent comments from Warner Bros. Games boss David Haddad insisted that the current focus on new characters is to add fighters from the IPs that Warner Bros. Discovery owns, but those hoping for guest characters haven’t given up hope just yet.

Haddad’s comments were shared in an interview with Axios regarding several different Warner Bros. Games topics. An inspiring observation of Haddad was that he said Multi Versus it’s a taste of what a long-running games-as-a-service title from WB Games could be, indicating that we’ll hopefully see new fighters added for quite some time to come. As for the properties those new fighters could come from, however, Haddad said the company’s “attention and focus” is currently on Warner Bros. Discovery properties.

When shared on social networks without full context, these Haddad comments sent some Multi Versus fans in a a little nervous as they were concerned that this meant that Warner Bros. Games would be totally focused only on the characters in the properties it owns. Others were quick to point out that Haddad’s comments were not as pessimistic as some have interpreted seeing how the boss did not say a resounding “no” on the issue of third-party fighters. As such, players are still holding out hope for guest characters with many character-focused Twitter accounts acknowledging that they are free to continue their campaigns for now.

Tony Huynh, the game director of Multi Versus who frequently answers comments and questions on social media, has also addressed the subject of third-party characters in the past. Back in March, the developer commented that “the third ones are a little more difficult, but the objective is that everything is possible”. When asked about specific characters, evasive answers are often the norm in order to not confirm or disconfirm anyone.

By now, we already know that the Multi Versus The developers have several characters in mind for the future, including one that recently became a priority based on requests from the community. Leaks have hinted at which characters we might see added in the future, but we know of at least two characters that are definitely on their way to the game.

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