MultiVersus: How to Play Superman

Superman is one of the most powerful characters in MultiVersus. He can survive even after taking heavy damage and at the same time perform powerful moves on opposing players. He has a variety of moves and can generate different status effects that can slow players down or set them on fire and deal damage.

This guide is to help people better understand Superman to win more games. You’ll go over everything in your kit and how to use the DC Super Hero’s most powerful abilities effectively.

Movements and what they do

These are all of Superman’s moves and how players can use them:



Ice Breath (Neutral Special)

  • superman will use its ice breath a push enemies Y apply iceice stacks slow enemies until stacks deplete, then freeze.
    • In doubles, teammates can free frozen players.
  • Teammates on the attack will gain ice gauntlets that make your next hit ice.
  • projectiles in the attack it will be frozen Y break either turn in a disposable object.
  • The air attack is the same.
  • This attack does almost no damageand the Ice trait takes 15 stacks to freeze.
    • The slow attack is good, but players won’t want to use this as one of their main moves due to these two things.

Locomotive Freight (Side Ground Special)

  • East assault charges Y allows players a point a reticle.
  • When the collect it is released, Superman Will dash towards reticle and make a armored punch.
  • This can be a main death move when the enemy characters are in greater health.

ten ton rig (side air special)

  • superman will fly forward Y drink a adversary if he crashes into them.
    • this does it to fly with the adversary for a while and then knock them forward.
  • charging the attack Will do superman flies further.
  • This is a great move that can be spam a protect enemies Who off the scenery.

Meteor Liftoff (Ground Special)

  • superman will collect a attack that releases to the upwards and then come throwing back towards land with a impact.
  • Starting the da attack Superman Armor–Armor ensures that a attack can not be broken with regular attacks from the enemy.
  • Enemies hit by attack they will be knocked up.
  • This can be used as a main death move as does a ton of recoil about him ground impact.

Go long! (Special in the air)

  • superman will throw the same up, grabbing enemies the hits.
  • He can throw them by holding a direction.
  • This move is fantastic as can kill enemies above superman Really early in.

heat vision(Ground Down Special)

  • superman will shoot laser vision in the flat.
  • A delayed explosion it will happen that knock enemies up Y applies on–Ignited does tick damage in enemies and can stack to do damage for more extensive period.
  • the air is he same like the ground.
    • East Move on long ago best job a landing when use in the darling.


super fist (neutral ground attack)

  • Superman spear a Armored front punch.
  • This can cause large amounts of damage and kill high health enemies.

barrage of bullets (neutral airstrike)

  • Superman throws a three hit attack.
  • East It is not its best move how can it be hard a land fully.
  • Can be used as a can opener.

Kryptonian Kombo (side ground attack)

  • The spear was a combination of punching.
  • Players must remember that in their third attack, they cannot cancel the move, so they can to create a opening where they are attacked.

Flying swing (side aerial attack)

  • players collect a fast attack.
  • This can to kill If he adversary has high health.

Air strike (up ground attack)

  • superman can collect a armored hammer Turn up.
  • If there is an opening for charge this move fullyplayers they must take how can kill enemies a bass Health.

Up and Away (Up Air Attack)

  • he will do it throw a punch up that may be loaded.
  • this move is not so good as their special compensation, so you should just use it like combination.

Down swing (down attack)

  • Superman can do a bow down that may be loaded a break armor.
  • this is great against Armorusing opponents but It is not the better against any other person.

Falling Haymaker (down air attack)

  • he charges a bow down punch.
  • This move will be used to make Superman prick enemies falling down the scenery.


Here are some tips that will help players fully understand Superman:

  • superman has a good script which he can use with many of his basic attacks to close gaps and deal with some rapids hit quickly.
  • Players can build up a lot of damage quickly, but some of his attacks are Slower, and when facing Armor rip opponents, time the attacks will be very important.
    • Superman players should take some time to learn lab time and understand how Y when use attacks.
  • The players must Leverage of all the different armor attacks, how does superman some of better armor attacks that may be devastating when used against the correct enemy correctly.
    • Players must be careful with characters like finnthey have multiple fast attacks to break armor.
  • Superman is extremely tanky so players will find it difficult to die.
    • This means that players must play superman aggressively how can you enter and do significant damagemaybe drink a pasteand be basically imperturbable For this.
  • superman has great recovery with his flying attack that players should use frequently as he can kill opponents as much as save money its life.
  • Don’t be afraid to spam some of Superman’s Best Moves, how can help players win more matches.


These combos can give players an advantage:

  • Up Close Combo: Jump, Air Special (Down), Air Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Up)
  • Ground Slam Combo: Jump, Jump, Air Special (Down), Air Attack (Down), Ground Attack (Down)
  • Knockback Combo: Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Neutral), Ground Special (Down), Jump, Air Special (Side)
  • High Damage Ring-Out Combo: Leap, Leap, Air Special (Down), Air Attack (Up)

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