MultiVersus: How to play Morty

Morty in MultiVersus is probably one of the most fun characters to play. His kit is as wacky as the Rick and Morty show, and he has a quirky playstyle. It is difficult to master the style of play that he presents due to the accuracy or timing of his killing blows. That said, he’s still really good on stage in the right hands.

This guide shows players how to use Morty in the most effective way possible. If players listen to the advice in this guide, they will be able to play Morty without too much frustration.


Movements and what they do

All of Morty’s moves will be covered in detail, as well as when players should use them and what moves can get players to make kills:


It’s a grenade, I think (Neutral Earth Special)

  • morty will throw a grenade.
    • morty has three pomegranates and everytime a it is use a cool down by other a begins.
  • the air attack is he same As the land.
  • pomegranates can be managed and if the players hold by input they will be thrown farther.
  • grenades can to kill enemies around 150.

Earth power! (Side Ground Special)

  • morty will convene a peak made of soil from the floor in front of the.
    • yes morty charges that will go further away in front of him.
  • yes morty hits one of his grenades then it will pull apart within two separate grenades that explode quickly.

Another gate? (side air special)

  • morty will win Armor-The armor makes enemy hits don’t take your outside of attack-Y look in a portal before the jump Y deformations still new location.
    • morty can point where will he go deformation in the address of a cone in front of the.
  • Once Morty warps, he will open up a portal that corset for a moment.
    • The portal allows projectiles that enter from Morty or your allies a go faster.
  • A cool down applies but only For him portal who stays in the field deformation can still be done once every time a player is in air.

Autopilot? (Special in the air)

  • morty will to call in a spacecraft that moves up.
    • This move has a cool down.
  • The spaceship acts as a platform for all players and makes no damage.
  • the air movement is he same like the ground.

Temporary backup (special on land)

  • Morty will do a save point that he returns after about five seconds.
    • Once it returns to its original place heals a bit and yours too Teammates.
  • If he input it is pushed again then Morty will drop a grenade where he deformed from.
  • Yes one adversary is about to get resounded they will do it warp back to morty save point instead of dying.
  • the air skill is he same.
  • There’s a cooling at any time the ability it is use.


Aww God, snakes! (neutral ground attack)

  • If Morty has a pomegranate out so he gun Will shoot a bullet at her.
    • Yes several grenades are out will paste the last released then try and paste the others.
    • the grenades the impact of the bullet will be blow.
  • Yes no pomegranate is out, then Morty will fire a big ball of energy that divisions after a bit in a snake going up Y other going down.
    • this has a cool down where morty will be shoot small energy ball projectiles.
    • In cool down, yes morty combos inside this input he will do it take a whip which strikes in a circle around its tip.
    • If any enemy it is beaten for him tip of whip then morty will pull the same to them
  • the air attack is he same like the ground.

unresolved anger issues(side ground attack)

  • morty will pull two hits before swinging a huge morty hammer.
  • the Last Shot In this move you can kill enemies What are they in the edge of the map in pretty low health.
  • Moment can be hard What enemies they can Dodge the hammer blow even if caught on the first move two hits because of morty slow speed.

Barbarian Instincts (Side Air Attack)

  • Morty will be able to deliver two axes.
    • Both of them the swings are paid.
  • This is a grand opening move since you have a long range Y priority over many attacks.
  • This attack can only to kill Yes one enemy It is done off of Map with the first paste or if he enemy It is around 155 with the loaded second paste.

Aww Geez, more snakes! (up ground attack)

  • Morty summons a energy ball that is fired and after breaks within two snakes. one goes left while the other goes Correct.
    • The shot will make them both snake shooting continue cool down.
    • In cool down, they will do it shoot small balls of energy upwards They deal small damage.
  • The snakes can kill if an enemy is off the map but is extremely hard a paste.

Power of fire! (rising air attack)

  • morty will shoot fire up to the.
    • this will turn on enemies what makes them small ticks of damage even that undress.
  • This is one of the best antiairs that Morty has and can kill vertically if the enemy has tall enough health.

Plumb time! (ground attack)

  • morty will run weather cleaning the flat with a plumb.
    • Enemies hit you will get weakened what makes them get pushed back further.
    • allies hit by him will get cleaned which delete all of his disadvantages.
  • This move is very hit orr Miss as it can block some throw attacks, but not all.

(down airstrike)

  • Morty will do a powerful blow down.
  • This move can kill early on, but it must be well timed.


These tips will allow players to see what can be done to master this tricky kit:

  • Grenades will be some of Morty’s most powerful tools, as they can help zone outside opponents.
    • Players should know that grenades deal more recoil the closer to the center of burst who is the opponent.
    • the players need practice throwing grenades of different charges Y shooting them as this will let them know how to keep enemies away.
  • If Morty wants to land a early kill on your opponent then you should play the distant game and try to get some of his greatest hits.
    • Playing with distance stacks high damage and can gain a early to kill or send opponents to higher percentage areas.
  • If Morty gets a enemy a better health a lot of kill options start to open up and Morty can try to get a to kill with a timely grenade.
    • he can too drive away enemies the Map for easy ax kills.
  • Players must try and use their skills smartly but also as much as they can to maintain consistency choppy flow of Pressure in opponents.
  • learning to shoot snake gun off the shelf can be useful, but this should be expert in the laboratory for good cornice guard times.


Here are some combos that players can do early on to deal heavy damage to their enemies:

  • Up Throw Combo — Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Up)
  • Air Pound Combo — Air Attack (down), Air Attack (up)
  • Recoil Throw Combo — Air Attack (Side), Air Attack (Neutral), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side)
  • Weakened Combo — Air Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Down)

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