Movies that are imitations of video games

Whenever something becomes popular, there will always be something hitting it. Why get those expensive ones? League of Justice toys when there’s a dollar store with the Sense of Right Alliance? I like it Sonic the Hedgehog? then take a look amazing opossum! That’s not getting into the musical debate about which singer/band is a clone of another singer/band. The Beatles against the Monkees. Radiohead vs. Musa. Amy Winehouse vs. Duffy, etc.

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The most infamous imitators come from the movies. Take a popular series, prefix it with one country and fans will find a host of movies that were ‘inspired’ by another. there turkish Star Wars (The man who saved the earth), Italian jaws (cruel jaws), British the longest yard (bad machine), and more. It also happens to other media, since these movies have copied video games to one degree or another.


5 final fantasy and my final fantasy

Surprisingly, it has often been said that the year 2001 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within It would have been better if it hadn’t been a tie-in to the main RPG series. The film had little in common with the games. Sure, some of them involved going to outer space, using high-tech equipment, or other sci-fi tropes. But they were mainly fantasy games (hence the name), not boring predecessors of mass effect. Still, that movie might as well have been canon compared to the Nigerian one. Final Fantasy Y my ultimate fantasy Films.

While Western B-tier studios will usually make a similar movie and change the title a bit (transformers instead of transformers, etc.), Nigeria’s Nollywood took a different direction here. They made two romantic dramas and gave them the name of the JRPG series. have done the same with God of War (an African period drama) and Street Fighter (also know as street fighters, an action comedy). Anyone in the know would check it out hoping to find a Nigerian version of Chocobos and Summons, just to get something closer to Along Came Polly either Hitch. How disappointing.

4 Ek Tha Tiger and Indrajith

That said, there are more obvious copies out there. In fact, some games were so good that they were copied twice. India’s Bollywood produced two films that were very similar to the Unexplored games. The first, from 2012. ek tha tiger, was about a RAW (India’s CIA equivalent) spy claiming nuclear secrets. He’s not scouring graves like Nathan Drake, but his adventure is suspiciously close to Nate’s third outing. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. With similar clothing, stunts, stage, and poster.

2017 Indrajith it went further, as the film is about the main character who joins an older man on an adventure to find a magic stone in the jungle before a group of rivals catch up with her. Manufacturers said they were aiming more at Indiana Jones, though its youthful lead and older mentor are more reminiscent of Nathan Drake and Sully than Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. That, and the stunt sequences and Himalayan setting resemble those of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Oh, and the posters where Indrajith poses identically to Drake in the Uncharted 1 and 2 it covers

3 the avenging fist

Originally, this 2001 Hong Kong film was going to be called tekken legend. But producer Jing Wong did not license Namco to use the fighting franchise. So the movie became the avenging fist and ended with a disclaimer stating that the film was “not based on or related to any of the Tekken video games.” At first, it seems different enough as the plot relies heavily on a pair of gloves that grant their wearers superpowers. But he pushed one of his test subjects to the limit, taking them to MIA.

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Then it all becomes familiar 20 years later, when that guy’s son, Nova, enters a fighting tournament to defeat the great villain Combat 21 and his returning father, Dark Thunder. All three are loosely based on Jin Kazama, Heihachi, and Kazuya Mishima. While Belle (Xiaoyu), Iron Surfer (Hwoarang), and their unnamed tournament opponent (Bryan Fury) were much more blatantly Tekken-inspired. Too bad they couldn’t get Jackie Chan to play a Lei Wulong counterpart. Instead, they got their classic co-stars Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. It’s a nice touch, but they’ve been in better movies, with and without Chan.

two 18.11: A secret code

Going back to India, 18.11: A Code of Secrecy from 2014 is about a software engineer who develops a program that warns everyone within an area if a bomb is about to go off. This catches the interest of Captain Rack, who wants to buy the technology, only to be turned down. In retaliation, Rack frames the engineer for terrorism. It is up to the brave programmer to find a way out of this mess.

So the film is about a baseball-cap-wearing figure seeking revenge, using a gun in one hand and a phone in the other to do technological magic. While not completely identical to the game, it sounds like a close enough copy to Watch dogs and its original lead Aiden Pearce. The movie didn’t have to worry about misleading trailers, but it did have to worry about being bad. indian times he said that it was overly preachy and that “the songs are terribly placed”. Another reviewer said it would have been the perfect satire if he hadn’t been totally serious about his subject.

1 Bonsam Besu

Finally, he is back in Africa. Only instead of going back to Nigeria, the next movie comes straight out of Ghana. this take on Devil can cry caused a stir when its trailer hit the web in 2011. It’s a rare collection of events where people shout “Bonsam Besu!” (“The Devil Will Cry” in Akan) and “Devil May Cry” are interspersed with bad CGI demons and monsters running amok in the streets. They can take human form, attack random people from behind, and terrorize the streets as the locals look on in shock. Or at least the ones that are in close medium shots. Everyone else is just minding their own business.

Compete with him DMC5 live action storyboard scenes in their surreal nature. However, little else seems to be known about this film. Unlike its Nigerian counterparts, it approaches the Devil can cry games, as a hero tries to fight demons with a simulated sword. Director/producer Ninja released a video commentary on the film on his Ninja Official TV YouTube channel, but it is not in English. So viewers will have to brush up on their knowledge of Akan to learn the full plot behind this weird little movie.

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