Movie Review: THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING (2022): George Miller’s movie plays like an art house movie with big ambitions

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Three thousand years of longing review

Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022) Movie Checka movie directed by George Millerwritten by Jorge Miller, August Gore Y like byatt and starring tilda swinton, Idris Elbe, pia ray, Berk Ozturk, anthony mossett, Alyla Browne, abel link, Peter Bertoni, Lianne Mackessy Y Aamito Lagum.

Idris Elba stars as a Djinn (imagine something akin to a genie) in filmmaker George Miller’s ambitious story of the bond between a professional woman (a narratologist) named Alithea (Tilda Swinton) and her new partner in life, the Djinn. this movie is called Three thousand years of longing which is a remarkably told story of repressed passions and unsatisfied emotions. This movie is very highbrow from an existentialist point of view and could inspire some thought-provoking conversations afterwards, making it an ideal date movie. Unfortunately, it’s not Miller’s best work, but the two central actors give convincing performances in very complex roles.


The main story of the film begins when Alithea is on her way to Istanbul to give a lecture more or less. She is joined at her hotel by the Djinn who frees himself from her traps and asks Alithea to make three wishes. Alithea must be the hardest woman alive to get three wishes because she takes most of the length of the movie before she makes her first wish. The film’s premise is set up a bit as a framing device for old stories surrounding the tale of the Djinn’s bad luck. I was hoping for more action to happen between Djinn and Alithea than actually happens in the movie, but that, surprisingly, is the movie’s main asset.

The poor Djinn of Elba can’t even get a pregnant woman about to be killed to make a wish for her own survival in the better days of the genie the movie shows the audience. It’s almost like a furry dog ​​story at times because of its goofy yet heartbreaking plot developments. Beneath the ludicrous nature of the supporting characters’ motivations, however, lies an impressive range of material that is covered in the film’s short running time (it clocks in at 108 minutes).

There is a male character in the image’s flashback sequences who prefers to be with very heavy women (in terms of their weight) and the film goes into typical dark Miller territory in some of these scenes. Miller is no stranger to portraying strange scenarios in his films, and in this one, there are many situations that unfold with surprise due to how little is accomplished with the events that take place throughout the film. After each incident occurs, we return to the characters of Djinn and Alithea, who form a very touching friendship as a result of the stories they share about their lives (mainly about Djinn’s life).

Featuring the film’s portrayal of the Queen of Sheba (performed to perfection by Aamito Lagum), the film has some exciting early scenes, but the film eventually hits a rough patch in the mid-section of the frame until the film cashes in. force as Alithea tries to sneak her Djinn onto a plane and get past security, which is easier said than done. Well, actually it turns out it’s not too difficult, but in Alithea’s mindset, which is the very definition of neurotic, it’s quite a challenge. Speaking of real-life neurotic people (dead or alive), the Djinn actually pulls none other than Albert Einstein out of a television set in the early stages of the film in a hilarious scene.

While the relationship between Swinton and Elba’s characters in the film is well developed, I was reminded of the recently released top film, Good luck to you, Big Leo. for these characters here. Swinton’s role bears some similarities to Emma Thompson’s role in that gem of a movie because both women are lonely and looking for companionship, but they also thrive on their own. Swinton gets lost in her character in the new image and creates a memorable relationship with the Djinn just as Thompson developed one with a male prostitute in the aforementioned other image. I won’t tell you if Djinn and Alithea get along in this movie, but it’s a definite possibility.

Three thousand years of longing it’s about two very lonely people (let’s call Djinn a person for the sake of argument) and it’s sad to see their dreams thwarted by reality throughout the movie. There is eventually a silver lining in the film’s final scenes, but it feels like an added conclusion to a much more difficult film that could have been made from the same material.

Elba and Swinton are always fantastic, yet they create fascinating characters here under the consummate direction of Miller. There’s not a lot of action in the scenes outside of the flashbacks and that’s exactly the point of the movie, which was a problem for me. However, those two lead performances make it worthwhile for those who demand a challenging film that will have audiences talking afterwards.

Classification: 7/10

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