Movie Review: ROGUE AGENT (2022): Gemma Arterton excels in a dramatic film about love, deceit and justice

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Rogue Agent Review

Rogue Agent (2022) Movie Checka movie directed by lawn Declan Y adam pattersonwritten by Miguel Bronner, adam patterson Y lawn Declan and starring James Norton, Gemma Arterton, rob malone, Marisa Abela, freya major, Peter Heenan, Michael Drake, julian barratt, jimmy akingbola, Simon Chandler, Melissa Collier, Shazad Latif, luke pierre Y Sarah Goldberg.

The only way to stop a lying, deceitful and manipulative man is to confront him in Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson’s fantastic new dramatic thriller, rogue agent. Gemma Arterton gives the best performance of her career as Alice Archer, a woman who falls in love with the soft-spoken British boy named Robert Freegard (James Norton) who turns out to be an expert con man. rogue agent it is a very well crafted picture with careful thought put into the way the story line unfolds, which will result in the audience feeling hugely entertained and enthralled by the intriguing plot of this film.


Initially set in the early 1990s and then the early 2000s, the film revolves around prominent attorney Alice Archer, who falls in love with Robert as he speaks softly about his heart when they meet at a car dealership. cars where Robert works. Alice isn’t the type of woman who would normally date a car salesman, but Robert makes his way into her life and the two become romantically involved. At the beginning of the film, we see how Robert has really made fun of the eyes of a young student named Sophie Jones (a very good Marisa Abela) and this leads to a truly devastating plot development within the film.

This is the kind of movie where one doesn’t reveal too much about the plot of the movie because the unique path the picture takes keeps us guessing most of the time. We’re never quite sure if Robert can turn the page and love Alice or if he’s just a cold-hearted, money-hungry manipulator. The movie blurs the lines between the two ends of the spectrum that Robert could be on. He could be a simple master manipulator or a leopard trying to change the spots on him.

The supporting cast of rogue agent it’s all first class. Abela, as the woman Robert uses for sex, is heartbreaking in terms of her realistic spin here. One cannot help but feel sympathy for her tragic character. Even the smallest roles help define the characters in the story. Luke Pierre superbly plays a man in a bar trying to flirt with Alice after she’s gone through the drain and their simple conversation starter leads to a very revealing dialogue scene which Arterton delivers flawlessly. Jimmy Akingbola is great as Andrew, one of Alice’s colleagues who ends up suggesting that Alice take a much-needed break after some losses in her life that may be too hard to get over. Also noteworthy is Shazad Latif as the detective whose help Alice requests in the last part of the image.

Two performances tremendously feed the film although they do so at different intervals of the film. Arterton has never shown more wit and competence in any of his previous roles than in his work on this film. He keeps the plot unfolding through his actions and his brilliant ideas that could help shed light on a way to stop Robert from playing his evil game. The other actress who stands out from the rest is Sarah Goldberg as Jenny Jackson, a depressed American woman with student debt whom Robert has the unfortunate experience of trying to manipulate. Goldberg is fantastic in her role and sheds light on her character’s moral dilemma, as Jenny wants to fall in love again, but is unfairly forced to get student loan money from her parents so Robert can take it for his own. profit plans.

But, rogue agent It would be nothing if Norton didn’t play a creepy manipulator and the actor is more than up to the task of developing his insane character pretending to be an MI5 agent; hence the title of the film. The scenes between Norton and Arterton are like a well-oiled machine with the motivations of the two characters eventually colliding creating a conflict that leads to thrilling suspense throughout. It comes down to whether or not Alice can stop Robert and you’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting to find out. The last moments of this film provide the audience with a fast-paced suspense.

rogue agent is a thriller like no other. His characters are complex in nature and audiences will root for Arterton’s Alice in revealing the truth about Robert at all times, for better or worse. Perhaps the moral of the movie is not to trust a car salesman who seems too good to be true. In any case, this movie is expertly made and well-paced, not to mention that it has extraordinary acting. Look!

Classification: 8.5/10

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