More tickets are being written in Los Angeles

Illustration of parking tickets on a windshield

A lot of things in Los Angeles have gone back to the way they were before the pandemic. That includes the number of parking citations that are issued on city windshields.

In 2022, the city surpassed more than 2 million parking tickets issued, the first time it has exceeded that level since 2017. In total, 2,014,088 citations were written, according to publicly available Department of Transportation data. That’s an increase of 14.3% over the previous year.

It marks a 31.5% increase over COVID-ravaged 2020.

Line chart of annual parking tickets issued in Los Angeles

The arrival of the coronavirus caused a major change in ticketing practices in the city. With Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Safer Home Order in effect, the Department of Transportation relaxed app of many parking regulations in the neighborhood, such as the obligation to move a vehicle on street cleaning days. The impact was immediate. While almost 195,000 tickets were issued in February 2020, only 44,550 were issued in April.

Activity began to pick up towards the end of that year and into 2021, although it remained largely below pre-pandemic levels, with approximately 150,000 citations issued each month. Another factor contributed to the lower numbers: labor shortages. In October 2021, crosstown reported that LADOT had a 23% vacancy rate among parking enforcement workers, which equates to 76 open positions.

Many places were soon filled. In January 2022 there were only 26 open traffic officer jobs.

Ticket rates were highest in 2022, peaking at nearly 194,000 citations in March. Overall, the numbers are down since August, when about 180,000 tickets were given out.

Line chart of monthly parking tickets in Los Angeles

Beware of street cleaning signs

According to Department of Transportation data, by far the largest number of tickets were issued for parking in street cleaning zones. There were 487,576 of these appointments in 2022, which represents 24.2% of the total.

The second most common violation was for an overdue meter, which generated 289,999 citations.

Horizontal bar chart of the type of parking violations in 2022

The most common fine last year was $73; a total of 571,298 were for this amount. Another 337,161 citations cost vehicle owners $93.

Like anyone who has tried to find a place on the street in Venice You know, parking in the neighborhood carries great risk: The two blocks in Los Angeles with the most tickets issued in 2022 were in the community. The highest, according to Department of Transportation data, was 3,376 citations issued in the 1600 block of Irving Tabor Court. The second most common location was the 1300 block of Electric Avenue, where 2,983 tickets were given out.

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Unlucky Honda Owners

Certain types of vehicles received far more citations than others, although that doesn’t mean ticket issuers had an agenda, this reflects the cars that are driven more frequently.

In 2022, 331,306 tickets were placed at Toyota, more than any other brand, according to Department of Transportation data. Hondas, also seen everywhere on the streets of Los Angeles, had the second-highest count, with 235,702 tickets.

Last year there were 459,157 fines for white cars in the city, which is equivalent to 22.8% of the total. according to a report from last October by Iseecars.com30.1% of all vehicles registered in Los Angeles are white.

How did we do it: We examined publicly available parking citation data from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation from January 1, 2015 to December 1, 2015 31, 2022. More information on our data here. wowrite for us in [email protected].