More Legend of Zelda Games Deserve the ‘Age of Calamity’ Treatment

After the success of The legend of ZeldaThe burgeoning spin-off series of ‘s, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity could be paving the way for future titles that will allow players to better explore from zelda long story. While the first game was officially installed outside the Zelda timeline, your second entry Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity took after the last Zelda play breath of the wild, and focused instead on the war against Calamity Ganon and his forces. Although fans had anticipated age of calamity could be just as non-canon, the game went to great lengths to establish its own niche timeline.


Fans are still waiting for the long-awaited breath of the wild sequel in the near future, but Hyrule Warriors you could get a third game in a shorter amount of time if you decide to look back instead of forward. With almost forty years of Zelda games to inspire you, Hyrule Warriors it could revisit previous games in the franchise to build on its own timeline, history, and lore. Not only would it help build nostalgia for older gamers and foster an appreciation for the Zelda series on a younger audience, but could help secure a permanent spot for Hyrule Warriors as a more permanent element of Zelda games.

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Age of Calamity and the new Zelda timelines

After the release of ocarina of time, Zelda has been known for its branching timelines. The discussion about these deadlines always comes up with every new game announced; the chronology of Zelda is often a staple of fan speculation. However, with Nintendo’s confirmation that breath of the wild solves these timelines, bringing them all together at what is determined to be their natural endpoint, it seemed that this timeline tradition had come to an end.

It’s obviously been hard for fans to let go ZeldaThe branching timelines as current theories have turned into how the new timelines might imply age of calamity Y breath of the wild 2. specifically with Hyrule Warriors though, age of calamity showed emphatically that he was going to work again Zelda story when time travel became a major component of the game’s narrative, with its story focused on changing history to preemptively defeat Calamity Ganon. But as fans look to the future of Zelda and how these two games could influence the series moving forward, Hyrule Warriors you should look back instead.

The future of Hyrule Warriors is in the past

From the Zelda The timelines are currently in a weird limbo where fans are unsure if Nintendo will revisit their previous timelines or if breath of the wild and its sequel will kick off new timelines, developer Omega Force should allow Nintendo to focus on its core story before considering games set afterward. age of calamity. Instead of continuing the age of calamity story, Omega Force’s next move should be to revisit previous games and explore unseen parts of Zelda science.

Not only could it be a safer strategy until more is officially known about Zelda‘s future, but could help players navigate between new Zelda games. Additionally, it would simultaneously tap into the nostalgia of those same players beyond cameo roles. For example, while the first Hyrule Warriors was extensively inspired by the series, including characters from the likes of ocarina of Weather Y twilight princess, age of calamity proven Zelda could be expanded with spin-offs that were better connected to the lore and legacy of the series instead of just a loose branch.

Future Hyrule Warriors could explore events in the series like the Intruder War referenced in twilight princess or the time after sword to the sky and Demise’s defeat, possibly showing Ganon’s “first” appearance in the course Zelda legacy. Diving in these areas of Zelda Lore provides enough leeway to Hyrule Warriors leave its mark while respecting the history of the series and the expectations of the fans. Alternatively, Hyrule Warriors might consider adapting some of Zelda‘s direct consequences as the link adventure in an atypical remake, which would bring one of Zelda‘s first games back to the forefront.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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