Moonbreaker playtests start this week, here’s how to sign up

The latest from Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds is the turn-based board game Moonbreaker. Set in a science fiction universe, players will be able to collect and digitally paint their own figurines before putting them on display during gameplay; something my inner painter is excited about!

Check out the trailer for Moonbreaker right here, if you’re still not quite sure what to expect.

While Moonbreaker will launch on Steam’s Early Access later this month on September 29, playtests are currently being set up for those who want to try the game even earlier.

Playtests will take place via Steam, with the first few taking place on September 9 and 11 respectively. If you think you won’t have time on those days, don’t worry as even more playtesting will be taking place on September 16 and 18also.

Now, if you want to register to participate, you will first need a gaming platform and a Steam account. Head over to the Moonbreaker Steam page and simply hit “Request Access”. Your interest will then be registered and you will have to wait for an email to see if you are invited to participate.

However, what can you expect to do in your playtest? Well, playtesting will give you access to the entire game, though some game systems and the store won’t be ready yet. You’ll also have access to all Season 1 units and captains during trials, but you’ll need to unlock them yourself once the game launches on September 29.

You’ll be able to fully explore scopes and try out various captains and units to see how they perform. As a result, you can also create custom Lists and even spend some time finishing and painting your Units. And for those of us who mainly want to paint figurines all day, don’t worry about losing your job; these paint jobs will be carried over to the Early Access release of Moonbreaker. Hurrah!

These tests, according to the Important Moonbreaker Playtest Notes, are meant to push the servers to their limits. Therefore, you are likely to encounter outages or some downtime for emergency maintenance. If you’re okay with that and eager to see what the sci-fi title has to offer, sign up and get ready to play.

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