Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Get Anjanath’s Mantle

To upgrade their weapons and craft armor, Monster Hunter: Rise players will need a lot of materials. This guide helps you to get Anjanath Mantles.

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  • Where to find Anjanath’s Mantle
  • What is an Anjanath cloak used for?

veterans of the Monster hunter they are well aware of the amount of creation and updating that goes into games. It is a system that many players love and Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn brings it back in full force with a variety of new monsters to fight, defeat and harvest to craft materials.

An example of the many new materials is Mantle of Anjanath. This item is used to craft Anjanath Coil X in the Anjanath Armor X set, and is also used to upgrade countless weapons. Despite its many uses, Anjanath’s Mantle has an astonishingly low chance of being obtained by hunting Anjanath. This guide will help players maximize their chances of getting a cloak.


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Fighting an Anjanath

Like the many other cloaks in Monster Hunter Rise: Dawnthe Anjanath Cloak is found when it comes to a Master rank Anjanath. Fighting this beast will not be too difficult for Monster Hunter: Ascend players, but for those unfamiliar with the fluffy T. Rex, keep these tips in mind:

  • Expect fire and wear fire resistant armor accordingly.
  • If it catches fire, roll until the Fireblight status wears off.
  • Weapons that use water and ice elements are Anjanath’s weakness.
  • Weapons that use fire and dragon elements will not be very effective.
  • Prioritize hitting the Anjanath’s snout and wings when it pulls them out.
  • Use this guide for more detailed strategies on how to defeat this intimidating monster.

Where to find Anjanath’s Mantle

Although simply fighting and butchering an Anjanath is the most obvious way to obtain a cloak, the following are the most reliable sources:

  • After unlocking Anomaly Investigations at Master Rank 10, a Mantle of Anjanath can be worn. Bought from Bahari at the Anomaly Research Lab for 150 research coins.
  • Capturing an Anjanath has a 3% Chance to get a Mantle of Anjanath on the ‘Mission Complete’ screen.
  • Cutting the tail of the Anjanath and carving it has a 3% opportunity to produce a mantle.
  • Killing an Anjanath has a two% chance to get a cloak on the ‘mission complete’ screen.
  • Killing and butchering the body of an Anjanath has a two% opportunity to produce a mantle.
  • Breaking Anjanath’s head during the fight has a two% possibility of a blanket falling.
  • Anjanath has a 1% Chance to drop a cloak in the course of a normal fight. Collect everything that comes off of them.

What is an Anjanath cloak used for?

weapons manufacturing

Armor Crafting

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn is now available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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